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Infuser with clamp

This tool is ideal for preparing tea and herbal teas, as an infuser of the leaves and ingredients necessary for the drink of your choice. The task of the spherical infuser is to retain the loose leaves of the tea for infusion, or other foods in the best possible way. The infuser holes are specially created to allow maximum diffusion of the taste in the water, through the metal mesh that acts as a strainer. The steel worked with a tight mesh, allows even the smallest herbs to be held. The infuser sphere opens halfway, using a snap system that allows you to insert the leaves or flowers of the herbal teas, and then closes safely. The connection with the clamp makes this infuser comfortable and practical.

The advantages of the spherical infuser with the clamp

Also known as "tea balls", these round infusers are a valuable tool for all tea and herbal tea enthusiasts. They make the infusion perfect, allow you to release nuanced aromas and flavours, with the desired amount of leaves or flowers. Each infuser with clamp is made of stainless steel, suitable for food use because it is resistant to corrosion. The format of the infuser with handle is comfortable and safe, as the fixed and long handle remains in the air (top) while the tea is steeped. It is useful compared to tea bags, because the infuser ball is reusable many times, therefore economical and durable over time. You can order the infuser with tongs in both smaller and larger sizes, designed for a greater infusion of ingredients and more water. When choosing the most suitable infuser size, it is useful to evaluate the size of the cup or teapot usually used.

How to use the metal tea infuser

The spherical part of the herbal tea or tea infuser is filled with leaves or other plant parts. The spherical container allows you to house different quantities of content inside – suitable for a cup, or a teapot. After filling it, insert the spherical part to infuse into the water and leave the necessary time. Obviously, the forceps (fixed handle) remain in the air upwards during the infusion. After taking out the infuser, it is essential to wash it properly and dry it for the next use.

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