Filters with string for herbal teas

Tea bags with string are easy to fill and close, useful for their hygienic value as disposable filters, and for creating infusions or tea on the go. They are soft to the touch, light and have semi-transparency to better see the content and its quantity in the sachets. Disposable herbal tea filters can replace the infuser or metal mesh strainer, which is usually difficult to clean and can carry leaf residue into the sink. The convenience of eliminating ingredients is greater, faster and easier.

The sachets - filter for herbal teas adapt to different types of leaves and vegetable pieces, and are a resource that allows the aroma to be released correctly in the infusion, thanks to the large capacity and the three-dimensional form it can take. The consistency of the paper filters avoids releasing the metallic flavor or aroma of the strainers, altering the flavor of the herbal teas or tea. Furthermore, tea bags allow you to hold even the smallest parts of herbal teas, and having a large capacity they can be useful for an entire teapot – some metal infusers have small capacities.

How to use tea bags, herbal teas, spices

Insert the desired loose herbs into the disposable filter for infusions and teas. Immerse the filter in warm water. Close the filter bag, fold it and use the string to close the contents. Empty loose tea bags are convenient to use, for different types of infusions. They are mainly used for the preparation of infusions and herbal teas, which have diversified ingredients: leaves, flowers, stems, dried fruit, etc. Another possible use for paper filters is for the infusion of spices, or the best-known aromatic herbs in the kitchen. They can be used for a single cup but also inside the teapot or infusion pot, given their capacity.

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