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Cocoa Tea

Chocolate tea is the perfect drink to enjoy on cold winter afternoons, as a snack or as a sweet cuddle before going to sleep. The intense blend of natural flavors and cocoa makes this infusion a real treat for all gourmands. The ingredients are very simple: cocoa, grapes, caramel, sugar, condensed milk, dark chocolate and natural flavors make this infusion tasty to drink with milk or water.
Properties and benefits of cocoa tea:
Chocolate tea has all the benefits of cocoa and dark chocolate, which are considered real natural antidepressants. The strong component of antioxidant polyphenols is able to influence human behavior, acting directly on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphin. In summary, eating cocoa and dark chocolate is good for your mood, but not only! Some studies have also shown that they help to lose weight, clearly when consumed in moderation. In fact, cocoa helps keep cholesterol at optimal levels and naturally lowers blood pressure, also proving to be perfect for those suffering from hypertension. The strong presence of polyphenols helps improve blood circulation: in particular, it is thanks to the flavonoids that dark chocolate is also indicated for heart patients, as it helps to make the walls of the arteries more flexible. Finally, cocoa manages to regulate the biological clock, positively influencing sleep rhythms, improves memory and can also be used as a cough remedy. Therefore, cocoa tea is not only a tasty drink, but thanks to the presence of dark chocolate, grapes and cocoa, it is also useful for taking the right amount of polyphenols.
Cocoa tea: how to prepare it?
The preparation of this infusion is very simple and can be done by heating the milk, or simply the water. In both cases, it is recommended to bring the liquid to a boil and then leave the tea to infuse for about 10-12 minutes, so that all the ingredients can mix.

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Coca tea chocolate cream

Coca tea chocolate cream

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Delicious chocolate flakes to drink in milk. Tasty to drink hot, delicious to eat!


cocoa beans, grapes (vegetable oil) caramel (sugar, condensed milk, glucose, butter, natural flavors) chocolate (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin) natural flavoring. Can also be used with hot milk.

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. di infusione