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Pearl spelled

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One of the oldest cereals cultivated by human beings, still today it gives us its excellent nutritional properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, especially selenium, and organic compounds less concentrated in other cereals. Grown in Italy, this spelled is pearled is perfect to be cooked with versatile recipes including pasta dishes, salads, soups, side dishes with vegetables.

Ingredients: pearl spelled
Origin: Italy

Pearl barley

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Easily digestible, rich in protein and low in fat: barley has been a source of well-being as a cereal since ancient times. Contains important mineral salts and is also a purifier. It is also used for its refreshing properties in summer recipes such as salads and cold dishes. In its pearly version, lighter, it cooks earlier but without losing its nutritional principles.

Ingredients: pearl barley
Origin: Italy


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Also referred to as broken wheat, bulgur derives from the processing of whole wheat, shredded to make it more palatable. The nutritional characteristics are the same as for wheat including starches, proteins, minerals and many dietary fibers. As a cereal, its caloric intake is reduced, which is why it is widely used in light recipes.

Ingredients: bulgur
Origin: Turkia

White quinoa

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Quinoa was defined by the Inca people and the Maya as grain de oro, or grain from the Andes. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium and zinc make it a rather complete food.

Ingredients: white quinoa
Origin: Peru

Red Quinoa

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Quinoa was defined by the Inca people and the Maya as wheat of gold, or wheat from the Andes. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dietary fiber and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, sodium, magnesium and zinc make it a rather complete food.

Ingredients: red quinoa
Origin: Peru

Black Quinoa

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Defined "grain of gold" by the ancient Maya and Inca peoples, it is a superfood from the Andes rich in proteins, dietary fibers, precious minerals and gluten-free. The seed of this plant can come in different types, including black quinoa: rich in antioxidants, with an intense flavor, perfect for salads and starters, it cooks longer than other varieties. As a whole grain, Quinoa regulates digestion and satisfies.

Ingredients: black quinoa
Origin: Peru

Millet seed clear

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Millet offers many benefits to the human body, is rich in vitamins and minerals, is easily digestible and assimilable and is naturally gluten-free, therefore also suitable for celiacs . Properties include magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin E, silicon, amino acids.

Ingredients: millet

Superfine Arborio Rice

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This rice originating from the Italian territory, gives one of the largest grains and, as a superfine, has excellent cooking resistance. Try it for risotto, salads and timbales, you will see the excellent absorption results of the dressing. Since the core remains al dente, and is also suitable for creamed risottos.

Ingredients: superfine arborio rice
Origin: Italy

Basmati rice

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From India comes this rice with a long, thin grain, with a characteristic aroma that is released during cooking. Fragrant and delicate, it is a perfect rice for dishes of vegetables, spices, and meats that accompanies with softness. Perfect for cold or hot dishes, it also has a low glycemic index, so it is perfect for a healthy diet and hypoglycemia.

Ingredients: Basmati rice
Origin: Pakistan

Black Venere Brown Rice

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Questa varietà di riso è un incrocio tra il riso nero asiatico e uno tipico italiano. Ne scaturisce una delizia dal sapore dolce e ricca di proprietà benefiche – dovute ai flavonoidi antiossidanti, fibre alimentari, proteine, amminoacidi essenziali e sali minerali. Ha tempi di cottura un po' più lunghi del classico riso bianco, ed è perfetto per squisite ricette con ogni tipo di condimento.

Ingredienti: riso nero venere integrale
Origine: Italia

Parboiled rice

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From the rice seeds, processed with steam boiling and drying, this easily conservable rice is born, rich in nutritional substances that are precious for our body. Discover its goodness with the recipes you prefer, you can also assimilate vitamins, proteins, iron and phosphorus. Parboiled does not overcook, and is perfect for rice salads and paella cooking.

Ingredients: black parbolied rice
Origin: Italy

Red Hermes Rice

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This red rice is aromatic and precious, born in Italy from the union of Venere rice with an elongated grain variety. Like black rice, Hermes red rice contains red anthocyanins, which are nutritionally excellent antioxidants. It is a brown rice rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins. The delicate flavor is ideal for recipes with fish and vegetables, for light rice salads.

Ingredients: Hermes red rice
Origin: Italy