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Kitchen salts perform two fundamental tasks: give greater flavor to a dish and represent one of the most used osmotic preservatives in 'food industry. Although this ingredient is often demonized, an important aspect must be taken into consideration: if used in correct doses, table salt has many beneficial properties for the human body.
Cooking salts : there are many types of properties and use of cooking salts: from sea salt to coarse salt, each variant is appreciated for its particular characteristics.
Sea salt, for example, is obtained from the evaporation of sea water in special tanks, called salt pans, and it is fundamental for bone health and a valid ally for the prevention of osteoporosis. The pink Himalayan salt instead helps to open the pores and free us from excess liquids. The therapeutic properties of salt are many: it plays an important role in the transmission of nerve impulses, regulates the exchange of fluids and is essential for regulating blood pressure. However, it is not necessary to consume more than 5 grams per day to take advantage of these benefits.
Natura d'Oriente offers a wide range of products, such as salt flavored with red habanero or chili pepper: whether it is an intense aroma or sweeter, there is no absolute best cooking salt: the real secret is to give free rein to creativity and always try new combinations.
Salt: an ally for beauty.
In addition to being a valid ally for the health of the organism, if consumed in correct doses, salt has always been an aid for beauty. If used hot, it becomes perfect for reducing muscle pain, acting as a natural pain reliever.
As for skin care, however, many people make compresses with table salt: if mixed with other ingredients in fact, it can eliminate dead cells and restore smooth, toned and younger-looking skin.

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salt smoked beechwood

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Coarse sea salt of Atlantic origin naturally smoked with Italian beech wood. It differs from other salts as it is smoked in a completely natural way. Very intense flavor. Ideal for giving a smoky flavor to any dish, it is particularly suitable for salmon, trout, legume soups, carbonara, omelettes, white and pork meats.


smoked sea salt

blue salt

Price €2.45
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Blue salt is coarse and table salt of natural origin from centuries-old underground salt deposits.
It is highly sought after, and not easy to find, and is rich potassium and chlorine. Its energetically salty, non-lasting taste leaves a pleasant taste of spicy aroma in the mouth.

Ingredients: whole rock salt
Origin: Iran

Black salt washes cypress flakes

Price €3.00
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Coming from the salt lakes of Larnaca and Limassol, which owe their strong salt concentration to the nearby sea which filters the extremely porous soil. It is enriched with vegetable carbon obtained from the combustion of soft wood bark, such as linden, birch and willow which give it its typical color.

Ingredients: Cyprus sea salt flakes, activated carbon.
Origin: Cyprus

Fleur de sel from the Algarve

Price €2.43
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The Fleur de sel of the Algarve called in Portugal the "sun cream", this very valuable salt, known since the ancient Romans, was recently rediscovered by chefs from all over the world. It has a crunchy consistency, a delicate flavor and an ivory white color, is very rich in magnesium and potassium and goes well with any type of dish.

Ingredients: whole sea salt

Hawaiian red salt

Price €1.96
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Hawaiian red salt is an unrefined sea salt. The typical red color is due to the presence of volcanic red clay (Hawaiian clay is called alaea). Its properties are manifold because the red clay is composed of more than 80 minerals and is rich in iron oxide.

Ingredients: sea salt, Alaea clay.
Origin: Hawaii

Gray salt from Guérande

Price €1.76
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The Guérande salt on the palate is rich, not too salty, and the scent is very reminiscent of that of the ocean. Its moist consistency makes it suitable for many culinary preparations, in each it brings a touch of quality and the right degree of flavor.

Ingredients: Atlantic sea salt and mix of Brittany seaweed. < / p>

Himalaya pink salt

Price €1.35
Availability: 66 In Stock

Himalayan pink salt is a pink fossil salt extracted from the Khewra mines. Sweet and less savory than common salt, it enhances the flavor of both meat and fish. Contains noble minerals and metals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, sulfur and iron.

Ingredients: whole rock salt.

Purple salt kala namak India

Price €1.63
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Also known as purple salt or Indian salt, Kala Namak is a salt with a very strong, strong and particular aroma similar to sulfur but not unpleasant for this. Particular to the sight, to the taste and also to the smell is that salt that must not be missing in a pantry as true gourmets.

Ingredients: purple kala Namak salt
Origin: India

Basil salt

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Salt with basil is good for salad, especially tomato, for everything we Italians cook. A flavourser with greater vigor for simple-simple dishes where the note of basil is absolutely indispensable.

Ingredients: whole sea salt, natural basil extract, natural coloring: cupric chlorophyll.

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