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Pure licorice with red fruits

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Sweet licorice with a fresh, pure taste and without added sugar with a fruity flavour.


licorice, natural flavouring.


envelope with zip closure to save freshness.

Mixed Energy Protein | Dried and dehydrated fruit

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An energetic mix of dried and dehydrated fruit with no added sugar, no preservatives and colourants. A snack always at hand for those who want to keep fit and have a healthy diet.

Ingredients: WALNUTS, ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, raw cashews, goji berries, barberry, sour cherries, peaches, strawberries, sultanas, apples, juice apple, coconut.
Origin: Various continents

Allergens: May contain traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS.

Salt pearls from Namibia

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These small balls of salt give dishes a light and round flavor, and a special finish to your fish, meat and vegetable dishes. In the pristine African territory, in the Etosha National Park, the wind carries and groups the salt crystals, which take on a pearly shape - unlike any other salt in the world!


salt pearls

Steel and glass teapot

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A large glass teapot, practical for infusing tea and herbal teas thanks to the internal filter. An accessory for the tea service with a modern and minimal design.

✅Capacity: 1050-600 ML
✅1050 ml width: 18 Depth: 14 Height: 12
✅600 ml width: 15 Depth: 12 Height : 12
✅Microwave oven: no ✅Vitroceramic: no
✅Induction: no ✅Gas: no
✅Dishwasher: yes

Eucalyptus porcelain cup

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✅ The unique decoration of this teacup is an elegant and exclusive look. This is complemented by the harmonious chromatic symbiosis of delicates. The double-walled ceramic ensures that hot drinks stay hot longer and that you can comfortably hold the cup in your hand, even without a handle. The stainless steel strainer allows you to prepare tea directly in the cup.
✅ The porcelain cup has a stainless steel infuser and porcelain lid and comes with a gift box.
✅ Capacity: 350 ml

Airone tea box

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Useful, colorful tea boxes that decorate your kitchen! The design of these tea containers is very accurate and recalls that of Japanese objects. Being tin boxes they are light and ideal for the collection of such delicate products as infusions or tea leaves. The cap of these herbal teas has an ideal closure for the most appropriate storage and to guarantee freshness and quality to the product. Container per 100g box of product. Measures: 10.5 cm x 7 cm