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Artisan Lime Honey Italy

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The artisanal lime honey of Italian origin, green in color with yellow reflections, intense aroma, sweet taste. Very useful as a relaxant and sedative. Excellent to add it to herbal teas or milk.

Ingredients: Linden honey
Origin: Italy

Thermos with steel filter Blue water lilies

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Thermos with a steel filter inside, useful for enjoying a good hot tea in any place. Very useful for those who travel often so as to always keep it at hand.
Preservation of hot / cold temperature about 3 hours.
Capacity: 500ml
Not suitable for microwaves and dishwashers, we recommend washing by hand.

Natural dehydrated ginger without sugar and...

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Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. It is rich in vitamins A, B6, K, useful to relieve the sense of nausea, migraine, indigestion, heartburn and stomach pain. Furthermore, being rich in vitamin B, it accelerates the metabolism decreasing the sense of hunger.

Ingredients: ginger (95%), glycerol (5%), sodium metabisulfite (E223) 0.01%
Origin: Thailand

Natural dehydrated sugar-free ginger in pieces...

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Ginger is known for use as a spice in cooking and also for the well-being of the body. It is a food rich in vitamins and antioxidants, used for centuries to relieve the sense of nausea, migraines, indigestion, colds and stomach pain. Also, being tasty it can decrease the sense of hunger as a snack in pieces, in this dehydrated version without sugar.

Ingredients: ginger, may contain traces of preservative E220 (Max 0.01%) fructose.
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: kraft bag with zip that saves freshness.

Bindweed Herb Cutting Herbal Tea

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The centinodia is also known by the name of correggiola, it is a natural remedy for those who want to expel liquids, it acts as a diuretic, in fact it is very valid in cases of urinary retention resulting from irritation of the kidney and bladder of which it favors the elimination.

Botanical name: polygonaceae
Ingredients: bindweed
Origin: Hungary

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 05/07 min. di infusion

Pomegranate Pericarp of Fruit

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The pomegranate is the peel of the pomegranate, a fruit with low calories and great nutritional values, recognized as a symbol of abundance, fertility and prosperity.

Ingredients: pomegranate pericarp of the fruit
Origin: Morocco

  • 100°
  • 3/5 g ogni 250 ml
  • 05/07 min. di infusione

Coltsfoot Cutting Leaves Herbal Tea

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The coltsfoot is effective against cough and respiratory diseases as it acts as a balsamic effect useful to promote the functionality of the upper respiratory tract.

Name botanical: tussilago farfara
Ingredients: coltsfoot
Origin: Balkans

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 05/07 min. di infusion
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