Fruit is an ingredient that can never be missing on the table: appreciated by adults and children, it boasts numerous beneficial properties for health. It can be used as an ingredient in pastries, to make sweets healthier and more colorful, or to make snacks and snacks more delicious: the secret is to combine the different ingredients correctly and consume them in the recommended doses. Dried and dehydrated fruit: how to use it in the kitchen? Fruit has a thousand uses in the kitchen, especially as regards pastry. Fruit cake decorations, for example, give a unique touch to any dessert: many people choose dried fruit, with which they are commonly referred to as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, perfect for decorating pies and other types of desserts. Alternatively, many add it to yogurt during breakfast or, for a tasty break, combine fruit with a bitter cocoa-based dessert: there are many variations to experiment in the kitchen. Dehydrated fruit, on the other hand, has a substantial amount of soluble fiber and, like fresh fruit, can be an important food to counteract various disorders related to the malfunction of the metabolism.
In addition to having many fibers, dehydrated fruit is recognized as one of the best sources of potassium and inside there are vitamins and minerals that make up the typicality of the fruit itself, in addition to a fair amount of phenols. Also in this case it is possible to use this fruit for yogurt, giving it a sweeter and more pleasant taste.
Fruit, the perfect mix of taste and health Natura d'Oriente offers a wide variety of fruit to use for your own wellness and health recipes. Whether it's dried fruit or dehydrated fruit, both of these variants combine very well with cocoa or yogurt based desserts, creating a perfect mix of taste and health. Natura d’Oriente products are perfect for enjoying a delicious break, without giving up your fitness.

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Dehydrated banana chips

Price €1.73
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Dehydrated banana chips are an excellent hunger breaker, useful for a snack. This type of dehydrated fruit is often used by those who practice sports, due to the potassium, mineral contained in it and the antioxidants for our body.

Ingredients: bananas, brown sugar, coconut oil, added flavor.
Origin: Philippines
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip closure to save freshness.

anise seeds

Price €2.36
Availability: 87 In Stock

Anise seeds have digestive and anti-swelling properties, they are the basis of anti-inflammatory herbal preparations for coughs. Rich in aromatic oils that stimulate appetite and digestion and help the intestinal microflora, counteracting abdominal pain. Excellent if left to infuse, together with fennel seeds, to deflate the belly.

Ingredients: anise seeds

Packaging: 50 / 150g stackable airtight pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip that saves freshness.

Black beans

Price €2.39
Availability: 19 In Stock

Discover the taste of these black beans from Argentina, rich in beneficial substances for health such as antioxidants, fiber, mineral salts and vitamin B. Delicious in soups and broths , help maintain intestinal functions in well-being and are perfect in vegetarian diets to cover the needs of vegetable proteins (about 25%).

Ingredients: black beans
Origin: Argentina

  • Cooking time: soak for about 12 hours, cook the black beans for 1 hour.

Natural Inca Berries (Physalis) Alkekengi

Price €7.20
Availability: 78 In Stock

Inca berries are berries with an extraordinary source of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus and substances with antioxidant properties. Physalis is Peruvian and rich in fiber and helps to keep appetite under control and reduce fat absorption in the intestine, excellent as a supersane snack.

Ingredients: inca berries-berries of physalis
Origin: Colombia / Peru

kraft bag with zip closure saves freshness.

Pearl spelled

Price €2.26
Availability: 3 In Stock

One of the oldest cereals cultivated by human beings, still today it gives us its excellent nutritional properties. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, especially selenium, and organic compounds less concentrated in other cereals. Grown in Italy, this spelled is pearled is perfect to be cooked with versatile recipes including pasta dishes, salads, soups, side dishes with vegetables.

Ingredients: pearl spelled
Origin: Italy

Dehydrated aloe vera

Price €2.64
Availability: 61 In Stock

Dehydrated aloe is a type of snack similar to dehydrated fruit, extremely beneficial. Its virtues make it a highly sought after product. Also ideal for seasoning dishes and desserts, it is a healthy and satiating snack.

Ingredients: aloe vera, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide.
Origin: Thailand
kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.

cumin seeds

Price €2.05
Availability: 74 In Stock

The cumin plant, is one of the oldest medicinal plants, it produces seeds that have a spicy flavor and a rich and singular aroma. In recent years, some research is also testing its slimming power. The scientists involved compared the effects of using cumin extracts on overweight and blood sugar.

Ingredients: cumin seeds

Azuki Rossi Beans - Red Soy

Price €2.39
Availability: Out of stock

A bean grade that derives its name from the Japanese Adzuki “little bean” - so it looks similar to soy. Red beans are a true concentrate of proteins, vitamins, antioxidant isoflavones, soluble fiber, mineral salts and very few sugars. Excellent for those who want to keep the glycemic load low, they are delicious with minestrone, soups and salads.

Ingredients: red soy beans
Origin: Argentina

  • Cooking time: soak the beans for about 6 hours, then cook for 45 minutes.

Raw macadamia nuts

Price €4.76
Availability: 64 In Stock

Macadamia nuts, a natural healthy and energetic snack. It is harvested from the Macadamia tree native to Australia. Local populations have been using them since ancient times given the great nutritional properties of these nuts, so strange and particular in our eyes.

Ingredients: raw macadamia nuts
Origin: Australia

Allergens :
kraft envelope with zip fastener that saves freshness.

Pearl barley

Price €2.54
Availability: 7 In Stock

Easily digestible, rich in protein and low in fat: barley has been a source of well-being as a cereal since ancient times. Contains important mineral salts and is also a purifier. It is also used for its refreshing properties in summer recipes such as salads and cold dishes. In its pearly version, lighter, it cooks earlier but without losing its nutritional principles.

Ingredients: pearl barley
Origin: Italy

Dehydrated cubes Coconut

Price €2.27
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Coconut is considered a beneficial food for our body, thanks to its mineral salt content. It is considered an excellent source of potassium, copper, phosphorus and zinc.
It also contains natural sugars, vegetable fibers, amino acids and few vitamins.

Ingredients: coconut , sugar, sodium metabisulphite E223.
Origin: Thailand
kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.

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