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Hourglass for measuring tea...

Hourglass for measuring tea infusion

Price €4.09
Availability: 1 In Stock

To enjoy a good infusion, tea or herbal tea it is necessary to respect the infusion times. This hourglass, ideal for infusions and herbal teas, is an indispensable tool for those who do not want to make a mistake with their infusion.

Available versions:
7 minute hourglass ideal for rooibos / infusions (pink color)
5 minute hourglass ideal for black tea (black color)
3 minute hourglass ideal for green tea (green color)

Pepper Grains Mix - Glass...

Pepper Grains Mix - Glass Tubes Set 6pcs

Price €24.18
Availability: 4 In Stock

Set of six glass vials consisting of: black peppercorns, white peppercorns, melange peppercorns, green peppercorns, pink peppercorns, Jamaican pepper.
It is sold in gift box.

✅ Vial size: H 21.5 cm, diameter approx. 2.5 cm.
✅ Vial size inserted in wooden base: H 21.4 cm, L 22 .5cm

Kitchen Salts Mix - Glass...

Kitchen Salts Mix - Glass Tube Set 6 pcs

Price €24.18
Availability: 2 In Stock

Set of six glass vials consisting of: cuttlefish ink salt, lemon salt, basil salt, Persian blue salt, Hawaiian salt, pink salt.
Sold in a gift box.

✅ Measurements of vials: H 21.5 cm, diameter 2.5 cm approx.
✅ Measurements of vials inserted in a wooden base: H 21.4 cm, W 22.5 cm

Grind salt and pepper

Grind salt and pepper

Price €6.39
Availability: 7 In Stock

Salt or pepper grinder with stainless steel grinding attachment and adjustable grinder to make a perfect grind to your taste.

  • ✅Glass salt and pepper mills (small and thick)
  • ✅Packaged in transparent PE boxes
  • ✅Height: 13cm Diameter: 6cm
    ✅ Weight approx .: 250g