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Dehydrated banana chips

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The dehydrated banana chips are an excellent hunger breaker, useful for a snack. This type of dehydrated fruit is often used by those who practice sports, due to the potassium, mineral contained in it and the antioxidants for our body.

Ingredients: bananas, cane sugar, coconut oil, added flavor.
Origin: Philippines

kraft envelope with zip closure that saves freshness.

Dehydrated aloe vera

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Dehydrated aloe is a type of snack similar to dehydrated fruit, extremely beneficial. Its virtues make it a highly sought after product. Also ideal for seasoning dishes and desserts, it is a healthy and satiating snack.

Ingredients: aloe vera, sugar, citric acid, E220.
Origin : Thailand
kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.

Dehydrated cubes Coconut

Price €2.39
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Coconut is considered a beneficial food for our body, thanks to its mineral salt content. It is considered an excellent source of potassium, copper, phosphorus and zinc.
It also contains natural sugars, vegetable fibers, amino acids and few vitamins.

Ingredients: coconut, sugar, E223.
Origin: Thailand
kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.

Dehydrated extra jumbo grapes

Price €2.21
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Dehydrated grapes are a delight that is obtained by subjecting fresh grapes to a drying process. Classified as dried fruit, jumbo grapes are very popular for preparing dishes, desserts or to eat as an appetizing snack.
Its soft and fleshy texture at the same time makes it exquisite. It has remarkable properties: rich in fiber, low in fat and lots of calcium and vitamins.

Ingredients: dried grapes, vegetable oil.
Origin: Chile
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip, freshness-saving closure.

Dehydrated dried peaches

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Peach is a summer fruit appreciated for its diuretic, moisturizing, refreshing and nourishing qualities. As a fruit, even in the dehydrated version, it retains nutrients that are very useful for the well-being and psycho-physical balance of the human being.

Ingredients: peaches, preservative E220, sunflower oil.
Origin: South Africa
Confezione: busta kraft con zip di chiusura salva freschezza.

Dehydrated French Plums

Price €2.40
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The prunes of Agen have a high mineral content, which makes them suitable for the balance of the body and the regularity of intestinal transit. They help to keep the tissues toned, counteracting stretch marks and flaccidity, thanks to the properties of vitamin A, beta carotene and zinc.

Ingredients: plums, E202.
Origin: France
Packaging: envelope kraft with zip to save freshness.

Dehydrated Dried Figs

Price €2.12
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Dehydrated figs are a food with a high energy content, and the high amount of dietary fiber also makes them useful for maintaining normal intestinal functions. They are also rich in mineral salts, potassium, iron and magnesium, and in vitamins C and A, and among the dried fruit they stand out for their easy digestibility.

Ingredients:  figs
Origin: Greece
Packaging: kraft bag with zip freshness-saving closure.

Dehydrated Apricots

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Dried apricots contain many nutrients useful to our body, they are very rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other mineral salts. Despite drying, these apricots are able to maintain the same properties and benefits of fresh food.

Ingredients: apricots, E220.
Origin: Turkey
Packaging: envelope kraft with zip for freshness.

Dates medjoul

Price €2.77
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Exotic fruit par excellence, Medjoul dates have properties and benefits including antioxidant effects, excellent for fighting the cellular aging process. In addition, Medjoul dates are the best-selling on the market for their delicious flavor, enveloping also thanks to their softness.

Ingredients: medjoul dates
Origin: Israel
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip closure to save freshness.

Dehydrated Mango

Price €2.17
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Mango is an exotic fruit typical of tropical countries, which soon spread all over the world. It is a rather caloric and very nutritious fruit. It is particularly rich in sugars, vitamins and minerals which make it perfect for athletes and students looking for an energetic food.

Ingredients: mango, sugar, E330, coloring E160a, E220, beta carotene.
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip to save freshness.

Dehydrated ginger powdered sugar

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Ginger is a perennial herb of the Zingiberaceae family. Widely used as a snack, even in the version of dehydrated ginger with powdered sugar, it has some digestive properties that make it useful for the stomach, for the purification of the body, to prevent nausea and improve the well-being of the throat.

Ingredients: ginger, sugar, citric acid, E220.
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip to save freshness.

Dehydrated Melon

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Melon is a thirst-quenching fruit characteristic of summer. It is low in calories and has many health benefits, as it contains vitamins and other antioxidant compounds. The presence of vitamin A, vitamin C and other substances counteract the harmful activity of free radicals, which cause aging in the body.

Ingredients: melon, sugar, E220, citric acid, added flavor.
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip to save freshness.