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Candies are perfect for enjoying a few moments of sweetness: for this reason Natura d’Oriente offers a wide selection of sweets online, to be shared during a family evening. Online candy sales: which ones to choose? More and more people want to buy gummy candies online: this type of product, greedy and fun, is perfect for taking a break during a stressful day of work or for spending time with friends and family. One of the most popular moments to eat your favorite gummy candies is in the evening, after dinner, in front of a movie. Natura d’Oriente offers a wide selection of candies online, both wrapped and loose, which can become the perfect Christmas gift for adults and children. From colored candies with animal shapes to soft ones based on ginger and lemon, ideal for combating sore throats: on the site you can choose the product that best suits your tastes and needs. Candies what a passion! There are those who go greedy and eat lots of them and those who, on the other hand, only taste a couple of them every now and then: fruit candies are a real temptation for young and old and it is practically impossible to avoid tasting them. The sale of online desserts from Natura d’Oriente allows you to stay updated on new products, experimenting with tastes and flavors never tried before. In fact, candies are the perfect idea for an informal gift to share with loved ones, but also to create an irresistible birthday party. Organizing an afternoon of fun based on cartoons and small baskets of colored candies, with a thousand flavors, shapes and sizes, is the right way to make children smile. Sweetness, sharing and pampering: fruit gummy candies are not only a delight for the palate, but often turn into wonderful childhood memories. Precisely for this reason, even adults do not give up trying again the sensations of the past: their favorite candy is the perfect pass for a journey of goodness and delicacy.

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Haribo cherries

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Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid, white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax, elderberry, aronia, grapes, black currant, orange, lemon, aroma, copper complexes of chlorophyllins, elderberry extract, fructose, sugar syrup.

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