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Dehydrated natural ginger without sugar

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Ginger is a plant used for centuries in cooking and also for the well-being of the organism. It is a food rich in vitamins and antioxidants useful for relieving the sense of nausea, migraine, indigestion, heartburn and stomach pain. Furthermore, being rich in vitamin B, it can speed up metabolism and decrease the sense of hunger as a sliced snack, in this dehydrated version without sugar.

Ingredients: ginger, can contain traces of preservative E220 (Max 0.01%) fructose.
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.


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Berberè is the basic ingredient of Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, it is a blend of spicy and tasty spices, known for making a good zighinì. Suitable for meat stews with tomato, a very versatile spice to use.

Ingredients: chilli, salt, cardamom, garlic, onion, rosemary, ginger, black sesame, ajowan, basil, lippia abyssinica, thymus, herb of grace, fenugreek, cinnamon, cloves, coriander.
Origin: Ethiopia

Packaging : 50 / 150g stackable airtight pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip to save freshness.

Turmeric powder 1st quality

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Turmeric is a plant native to eastern India. The plant, introduced by sailors, is found in Europe already in the monastic writings of the 6th century. Due to the color similar to saffron, it was also wrongly called Indian saffron. The therapeutic power of turmeric is manifold.

Ingredients: 1st quality pure turmeric
Origin: India

wild fennel flower

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Wild fennel flowers are the small inflorescences that form the umbrella of the plant. Collected at the beginning of flowering, dried and then "shelled" in order to obtain this fragrant spice. Particularly suitable for pork, mushrooms, aubergines, olives and snails in a pan.

Ingredients: fennel flower (Sun dried)
Origin : Italy

Packaging: 25 / 150g airtight stackable pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip saves freshness.

Black tea with chocolate and toasted coconut

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A real comfort food; ideal to dedicate a moment of pampering on winter and rainy days. Warm and enveloping for a real moment of relaxation.

Ingredients: 65% black tea, sweet chocolate (soy leticin) sweet white chocolate (sugar, milk powder, soy leticin, detox) walnut coconut, cocoa beans in pieces, natural flavors.

  • 80°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. di infusion

infusion of red fruits

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The red fruits with an inviting taste and aroma remain delicate on the palate. They are known for their antioxidant benefits thus helping the circulatory system and contribute to the purification of the body. Excellent infusion for hot drink.

Ingredients: hibiscus, elderberries, grapes, vegetable oil, rose petals, natural flavor, black currant, red currant, blackberries.

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. di infusione

Dehydrated carob beans

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Carob brings beneficial effects to our organism, linked above all to its content of vitamins and mineral salts. In particular, carobs are a good source of vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as containing calcium, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. Furthermore, for the diet, they are precious foods: carobs are rich in fiber!

Ingredients: carob
Origin: Italy

Dehydrated natural mango without sugar

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Mango is an exotic tropical fruit, appreciated all over the world for its taste and its properties. It is quite energetic and very nutritious, as it makes available sugars, vitamins A and C, and precious minerals such as copper. We have the best product, in its exclusively natural and sugar-free version, of high quality. Perfect for vegans, those with allergies to preservatives, athletes, students, and those who follow a low carbohydrate diet due to diabetes. You can use it with yogurt, for original recipes, or eat it as a healthy snack: an excellent alternative to sweets.

Ingredients: mango, E330
Origin: South Africa
Packaging: kraft envelope with zip closure freshness.

Black tea goji berries and pomegranate

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The combination of black tea with goji berries and pomegranate gives the tea a fruity, pungent and sweet flavor. The use of this tea helps to reduce negative cholesterol, antidepressant, giving strength to the body.

Ingredients: black tea, orange peel, safflower flowers, pomegranate flowers, goji berries, yellow rose flowers, natural flavors.
Origin: China

  • 80°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. di infusion

infused relaxation

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The infusion relax excellent infusion useful for digesting, due to the presence of fennel, it helps to relax having chamomile and finally helps to reconcile sleep thanks to lemon balm. To drink hot and in the infusion it is advisable to respect the recommended times.

Ingredients: hibiscus, dog rose, pieces of apple, fennel seeds, chamomile flowers, mallow, lemon balm, natural flavor.

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. di infusione
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