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Honey is an energetic and easily digestible food composed of simple sugars and contains enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, antibiotic-like substances and substances that can promote growth processes. But how does it come about? Artisanal honey is a product of the transformation, carried out by bees, of the secretions of flowers (nectar) and the secretions of some insects (honeydew). There are several varieties, such as acacia honey and chestnut honey, with different textures and scents, suitable for multiple uses. Properties and benefits of honey The properties of honey are numerous: if dissolved in milk or in a herbal tea, it becomes an excellent cough suppressant. It has antibiotic properties, in fact applying honey as a disinfectant and antibiotic on small skin lesions can promote healing of the treated area. The benefits of honey do not end there: it is a natural calming, to be taken in times of stress, and boasts anti-inflammatory properties that make this product very useful in case of insect bites, especially to relieve redness and / or itching caused by contact of insects with the skin. Selling honey online: what do you need to know? Natura d'Oriente offers a wide range of honey online: wildflower honey is a type of honey very common on Italian tables, especially at the time of breakfast, while eucalyptus honey is very useful to combat the cooling symptoms. Depending on the taste and use needs of individual people, it is possible to purchase a specific product. The sale of artisanal honey is enjoying increasing success, given the benefits of this perfect product for sweetening infusions and tea. Just to taste it in the best way it is advisable never to add it when the drinks are hot, but only and always when they are drinkable, because too high a temperature removes most of its beneficial properties from honey. This product keeps very well up to two years, but it is important not to let it age too much to avoid loss of properties and organoleptic characteristics.

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