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Artichoke leaves cut herbal tea

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Despite the bitter taste, artichoke leaves are an excellent remedy as they have the power to deflate the belly and hips and shape the body. The Artichoke is therefore used for internal use in the treatment of dyspepsia, liver failure, hypercholesterolemia, hepatitis, gallbladder, cholelithiasis and steatosis of the liver.

Ingredients: artichoke leaves
Origin: Italy

  • 100 °
  • 3/5 gr every 250 ml
  • 5/7 min. of infusion

Cardomarian seeds fruits

Price €1.64
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Milk thistle is indicated in cases of spurious liver failure, acute, infectious and toxic hepatitis, cirosis, hepatic steatosis.

Ingredients: Cardomarian seeds
Origin: Poland

  • 100 °
  • 3/5 gr every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Dandelion herbal tea cut leaves

Price €1.80
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The dandelion leaves cleanses the liver, stimulates the liver and kidney functions, excellent detoxifier, helps eliminate cholesterol, diuretic, provides relief in case of rheumatism. Excellent hot drink.

Ingredients: dandelion leaves
Origin: Eastern Europe

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 05/07 min. of infusion

Liver herb mixture

Price €3.18
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The herbs selected in this blend contain various substances that can stimulate the correct function of the liver which, as a detoxification organ, performs decisive actions for the well-being of the organism. The blend of liver herbs helps support liver functions through the synergy, in particular, between artichoke, dandelion, helichrysum, mint and other purifying herbs.

Ingredients: artichoke, dandelion leaves, woodruff, karkadè, helichrysum, elderflower, rapontico, agrimony, rosemary, licorice, orange peel, mint, fumaria.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 08/10 min. of infusion

Couch grass rhizome herbal tea cut

Price €1.64
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The wheatgrass notoriously known with important properties for diuresis, depurative and anti-inflammatory, remedy in case of cystitis, rheumatism, gout, renal colic and cellulite, regulator of blood pressure, and helps in case of flu with fever, and finally helps protect the liver.

Ingredients: rhizome wheatgrass, contains sulphites.
Origin: China

Decoction preparation: 30 grams in the amount of water sufficient to cover them, throwing away the water that brings with six bitter principles and simmering the residue after bruising it to break the epidermis lasts in 1250 grams up to a reduction of one lt.

Mixture of herbal cholesterol and gallstones

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The mixture of cholesterol and gallstones are excellent natural remedies, the result of direct experience of centuries of use. Sometimes these remedies for dissolving and eliminating gallbladder stones are even supported by scientific research.

Ingredients: agrimony, barberry, combretum, blueberry leaves, olive tree, rosemary, verbena, hawthorn, wheatgrass, mint, dandelion.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5 gr every 250 ml
  • 08/10 min. of infusion

Herb cut root chicory

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Chicory root is useful for purifying the liver, regulating the amount of glucose and cholesterol and is also used for laxative use.

Ingredients: chicory root
Origin: Albania

  • 100 °
  • 3/5 gr every 250 ml
  • 05/08 min. of infusion
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