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Infuser with forceps

Price €2.87
Availability: 17 In Stock

This item is made of high quality stainless steel, rust resistant, characterized by easy maintenance.

✅ Metal infuser with tongs available in two sizes.
✅ Small infuser measures: diameter 5 cm.
✅ Large infuser measures: diameter 6.5 cm.

Multi-purpose infuser

Price €5.33
Availability: 9 In Stock

Multipurpose infuser with easy-to-use chain, to add aromas to broth, in infusions of herbs, spices and to filter tea. This fine mesh strainer is made of high quality stainless steel, which is rust resistant, and features easy maintenance.
✅It measures 6 cm in diameter.

Glass carafe with steel infuser

Price €40.90
Availability: 1 In Stock
  • Elegant jug in heat resistant borosilicate glass (1.25 LT).
  • High quality stainless steel strainer with punching.
  • 2-part lid with integrated filter.
  • Color-coordinated imitation leather cuff / coaster.
  • In exclusive gift box.

Paper filters for herbal teas

Price €4.09
Availability: 42 In Stock

✅ Pack of 100 paper filters with cup holder stick.
✅ Paper tea filters, ideal for brewing in a cup or teapot.
✅ Filter that does not alter the aroma of the tea .
✅ Excellent quality: good permeability, clean filtered without leaving residues.
✅ Resistance to high temperatures.

Paper filters with lace for herbal teas

Price €3.24
Availability: 82 In Stock

These tea filter bags are ideal for proper infusion. They have a lace to close them safely, after inserting the loose tea leaves or the ingredients of herbal teas and infusions. Simply fill and then fold the sachet, to be sure that no element floats outside in the water.

✅ Pack of 32 filters.

Infuser for Matcha or Tea

Price €7.30
Availability: 10 In Stock

Are you looking for a strainer for infusions or for Matcha? This strainer is designed for both solutions but especially to filter Matcha as it is a very thin powder.

✅ Length: 17cm Height: 3.5cm Diameter: 7.5cm