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Infuser with forceps

Price €2.87
Availability: 2 In Stock

This item is made of high quality stainless steel, rust resistant, characterized by easy maintenance.

✅ Metal infuser with tongs available in two sizes.
✅ Small infuser measures: diameter 5 cm.
✅ Large infuser measures: diameter 6.5 cm.

Glass carafe with steel infuser

Price €40.90
Availability: 2 In Stock
  • Elegant jug in heat resistant borosilicate glass (1.25 LT).
  • High quality stainless steel strainer with punching.
  • 2-part lid with integrated filter.
  • Color-coordinated imitation leather cuff / coaster.
  • In exclusive gift box.

Paper filters for herbal teas

Price €4.09
Availability: 46 In Stock

✅ Pack of 100 paper filters with cup holder stick.
✅ Paper tea filters, ideal for brewing in a cup or teapot.
✅ Filter that does not alter the aroma of the tea .
✅ Excellent quality: good permeability, clean filtered without leaving residues.
✅ Resistance to high temperatures.

Paper filters with lace for herbal teas

Price €3.24
Availability: 88 In Stock

Practical, useful at any time to enjoy and filter a good tea!

These disposable sachets are made of very fine PP material, which is almost transparent. Just fill the tea of your choice, fold the bag and use it as a normal tea bag.
The size of the bag is perfect for cups as well as for a teapot. One pack contains 32 tea bags.

Infuser for Matcha or Tea

Price €7.30
Availability: 10 In Stock

Are you looking for a strainer for infusions or for Matcha? This strainer is designed for both solutions but especially to filter Matcha as it is a very thin powder.

✅ Length: 17cm Height: 3.5cm Diameter: 7.5cm