Cup infuser with Cat

This tea filter is made up of a sphere where you can insert loose leaves, and a decoration with a chain and a cute cat. The stainless steel sphere represents the practical part, while the small hand-painted cat sculpture is the creative part of the infuser. It becomes an elegant filter, original and simple to use.

The advantages of a ball infuser

The infusion sphere and the chain are made of stainless steel, suitable for food use, resistant to rust, scratches and impacts. The spherical "ball" infuser has an ancient history, born over one hundred years ago for the correct infusion of tea. The tightly meshed metal screen ensures that the loose leaf tea does not leak out during the steeping process. Thanks to the closure in the center, the wrapper opens into two halves, easily from the center: useful both for filling the container in the comfortable way and for cleaning it. This infuser mug with cat in charm holds the perfect amount of loose leaf tea or other food for infusing. The hook at the end of the filter - diffuser allows you to use it in your cup by hanging the pendant with the hand-decorated cat correctly. This tea infuser makes a nice gift for any occasion, especially for pet lovers and cat owners. Its design combines the standard shape of the steel ball infuser with a personalized detail, the cute feline that watches over the edge of the cup.

How to use the tea infuser with decoration

Fill the tea filter ball with loose leaves, or with the ingredients for your herbal tea. Insert the ball infuser into the cup. Thanks to the chain, the decoration of the infuser with the cat remains on the edge of the cup, keeps you company when you prepare tea and brightens up your kitchen. Once the infusion is finished, remove the spherical filter with the chain, and then put it to drain. Given the presence of the hand-decorated pendant, we recommend washing it by rinsing it in water and then drying it immediately. The stainless steel links and decoration are sturdy but not suitable for the dishwasher, so this item is to be washed by hand.

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