Multipurpose infuser

This tea accessory can become indispensable in the kitchen, as it allows a large capacity and, at the same time, filters even small parts in the best possible way with its fine sieve. It is a versatile infuser to prepare all types of teas and herbal teas, it is also used to boil spices or vegetables in broth or in other recipes. It can make a great herbal infusion.

Its large dimensions are suitable for accommodating various ingredients such as herbal tea blends, large loose tea leaves, cut vegetables and fine aromatic herbs. The hook and chain allow you to easily remove the infuser at the right moment of the brew, without getting close to the heat of the container. It can be used for the preparation of all recipes where the infusion or filtering of certain foods is necessary.

The advantages of the multipurpose infuser

This stainless steel colander is resistant and does not rust, food safe, odorless and hygienic. The high quality material makes this a long lasting infuser, which can be put in the dishwasher once you have finished infusing. Its capacity offers plenty of space for the steeping of your favorite leaves, and allows you to prepare a carafe, a thermos, and not just a single cup of tea. The size of the colander is also suitable for cooking in pots (herbs, vegetables or spices). It is created with a fine metal mesh, which allows for optimal filtration of even the smallest particles. By blocking them, a better aromatic experience is ensured especially for vegetables and spices. In addition, the maceration process can be seen quite well through the mesh. It is easy to open and close, and is not easily dented.

However, care should be taken where you store the infuser – it could be crushed or damaged if too much weight hangs over the fine sieve part. The round infuser style The small chain attached to the tea strainer is useful for quick removal, and also features a convenient hook end. The round design with the central closure prevents the leaves or other dried elements from falling out of the sieve.

How to use the multipurpose infuser with chain

The container with the tea strainer is opened with leaves or other ingredients (herbs, flowers, spices, etc.), and filled with the desired quantity. It closes and sits in the bottom of the cup - without shaking it. Pour the hot water and wait for the infusion time. Once the process is finished, to remove the infuser, the chain is used to lift it and then move it to a suitable surface for draining. The infuser only opens later, when it has cooled down. After opening the colander, it is necessary to discard the contents, wash it properly and dry it immediately. This infuser is also useful for boiling spices or vegetables separately from other foods, for a unique aromatic effect. It is placed inside the pot with a procedure similar to tea infusion, to give flavor to the broth.

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