Japan cup infuser

This elegant model of basket infuser is created with a Japanese style, which refers to the tea ceremony and oriental traditions. It is a large model, suitable for a single cup of tea or herbal tea. It is a safe method of filtering and keeping the è leaves or other elements of the infusion out of the water. At the same time, it allows them to open and expand in the water in a comfortable way. Thanks to its material, a high quality of stainless steel, it is a long-lasting infuser with a brilliance that makes it valuable on the shelf. The supplied lid closes completely, to keep the heat of the infusion. At the same time, the lid can become a tray that welcomes the infuser after extraction.

The advantages of the basket cup infuser

The infuser has a basket with very narrow metal mesh; a fine strainer that adequately filters the leaves and elements of the herbal teas. It is perfect for Japanese tea, for teas with large leaves, as well as for infusions or herbal teas with large ingredients (dried berries, stems, etc.). For those who love the Japanese ritual, it is suitable for preparing Japanese green tea Kukicha, which infuses twigs and stems of the tea plant. The capacity of the infuser cup makes the most of the extraction effect of the active ingredients and the flavor in the hot water. Loose tea and herbal tea elements release nutrients best with such a large cup infuser. The flavor spreads to every corner of the cup, and for this reason the Japanese inspiration is also found in the proposed filtering concept in the infuser. At the same time, the side micro mesh traps and filters the smallest particles and debris. It allows for a near perfect flow between the leaves and the water during steeping and accessory removal. Due to its fine mesh strainer, the Japan cup infuser is also suitable for brewing coffee. The basket infuser is shaped to fit snugly into the teacup, highlighting the oriental style with its engraving. The dual function stainless steel lid retains heat and acts as a drip tray to prevent drips. It can be used as a stand for the infuser, until it's time for the next steeping, for teas that are infused multiple times for a few seconds. It is easy to use, even for the handles on the side of the basket that allow the comfort of gripping the infuser.

The oriental style of the Japan infuser

The preparation of tea or herbal tea comes from a tradition that uses precise tools. Even if the technique and the materials change, the inspiration in the design and the references to the culture of that continent are always fascinating. For this reason, the Japan cup infuser combines the practical aspect of a tea filter with the beauty of a shape that evokes Japanese design. Made of food-safe stainless steel but, in addition to its practicality, the basket infuser has been elegantly modeled, with smooth metal surfaces and an engraving with the ideogram of tea.

How to use the metal tea infuser cup

The basket allows you to easily prepare each infusion. Simply place the infuser inside the cup, and add your tea leaves or ingredients to the basket. Cover with the included lid. Pour the hot water, and let it infuse for the necessary time. Once the infusion is finished, remove the lid and place it on the table. Then remove the infuser from the cup, which you can place on the hollow of the lid itself to collect the drops. After removing the infuser, it is necessary to remove the leaves or herbs and flowers of the herbal tea, then wash it properly and dry it. It is easy to clean and durable.

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