Filters for herbal teas with cup holder

Tea bags and herbal teas are the ideal filter for a correct infusion. Their large capacity allows you to insert loose tea leaves or the ingredients of herbal teas and infusions, and keep them in hot water. Simply fill and then fold the sachet, to be sure that no element floats in the water, and you get an infusion or tea with an intense, unaltered flavor. They are suitable for all types of loose tea and ingredients, and can be used with or without the tea filter holder. In any case, the pack of 100 paper filters includes a handy stick for placing it on the tea cup.

The advantages of disposable tea filters

The empty sachets have the right size to prepare a cup of tea or herbal tea in a comfortable way. They represent easy to use, clean, soft and light single-dose filters to accommodate the ingredients. Thanks to these paper filters you will be able to better control the content, being equipped with semi-transparency and resistant to high temperatures. The excellent permeability allows you to replace the infuser or the metal mesh strainer, which is more difficult to clean and which can lead to leaf residues in the sink. Thanks to the disposable herbal tea filters, the ingredients are conveniently eliminated, quickly and easily. The tea bags adapt to different types of leaves and small pieces of vegetables, and allow the large leaves to release the aroma, thanks to the three-dimensional shape it can take in the infusion. The material of the filters avoids releasing either metallic flavors or aromas that the strainers can emit, altering the flavor of herbal teas or tea. Paper tea bags allow even the smallest parts of the herbs to be retained, and ensure a total infusion. They have a large capacity to contain the ingredients, so they can be used for an entire teapot – some metal infusers have small capacities.

How to use tea bags, herbal teas, spices

Insert the loose herbs you want to infuse into the disposable filter for infusions and teas. Insert the stick into the filter paper, horizontally and perpendicular to the contents in the bottom, making two slits. Dip the tea filter with the stick into the hot water. You will be able to immerse the sachet while the cup holder stick rests on the two edges through the special grooves. A system that allows for safe brewing of the tea filter, by leaving the top open or narrowing it down. Using the filter holder, these empty bags are even easier to fill and practical to use, to create infusions or tea on the go. They are mainly used for the preparation of infusions and herbal teas, which have ingredients such as leaves, flowers, stems, dried fruit, etc. Another possible use for paper filters is for the infusion of spices, or the best-known aromatic herbs in the kitchen. Stick tea bags are appreciated for their hygienic value as disposable filters. They can be used for a single cup but also inside the teapot or infusion pot, given their capacity.

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