Aromatic Herbs & Spices

Spices and aromatic herbs are ingredients that are increasingly used in the kitchen, giving a unique flavor to their dishes. Sometimes it happens to confuse one with the other, even if they are different products, but their function is usually the same, that is to flavor the dishes, enhancing their flavor. The taste and benefits of aromatic herbs With the expression aromatic herbs, we generally refer to vegetables or herbs grown in pots and in the garden, but also available in the wild. There are several types, but among the best known products stand out bay laurel, basil, borage, oregano, parsley, thyme and sage. The aromatic herbs in the kitchen are used in many countries: for example pasta with tomato and basil is an indispensable must of Italian cuisine. The nutritional value of aromatic herbs is in itself rather poor, but these are very important ingredients because they vary the palatability of the foods and allow some useful substitutions for the body's well-being, such as spicy herbs as an alternative to salt. The aromatic herbs for sale on Natura d’Oriente are products of the highest quality, ideal for making your dishes tastier and to amaze your guests with unforgettable recipes. The taste and the benefits of aromatic spices The term spices indicate dry vegetable products that generally come from tropical countries or in any case from quite distant places, widely used since the past to preserve and flavor foods. Aromatic spices are obtained from different parts of the plants: cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric and ginger stand out among the most appreciated. Spices and aromatic herbs can give any recipe a unique touch, whether it is a meat dish or a tasty side dish: the secret is to find the right balance!

Aromatic Herbs and Spices

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