The Company

Natura d'Oriente
srl, after a few years is now addressed to a single purpose: to be a point of reference on the market for all those who love the fragrances of tea, infusions, aromas and fragrances of spices, and many other specialties that we gradually choose and introduce, always keeping quality care as the first objective. br /> In 2015 we opened our first store in the Shopping Village Shopping Center in Castel Romano (Rome).
We participate in major trade fairs throughout the national and international territory, to make our products and the professionalism of our work known. In addition, we have now invested in the famous web world, where we export and ship all customer requests all over the world.


In the future we want to grow more and more, and become a sure point of reference for all those who love culture of well-being, good food, and for those who do not yet know it, but always paying attention to never forget our initial motto: The East has colored our life, we want to color it for our customers! Obviously all this, supported by my collaborators, who I will let you know later. But this is another episode.