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Dehydrated hibiscus

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The pharmacological properties of dehydrated hibiscus are many: it acts as an antiseptic, astringent, cholagogue, emollient, digestive, diuretic, purgative, cooling, calming, stomachic and tonic. Excellent as a morning snack or afternoon snack to break hunger.

Ingredients: hibiscus, citric acid, sulfur dioxide, color E129
Origin: Thailand
kraft envelope with zip to save freshness.

goji berry infused pear ginger

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Infusion with a delicate taste, energizing for the presence of goji berries, known for their beneficial properties, and those of ginger which has as many, but with the addition pear also very rich in vitamins and minerals. To taste!

Ingredients: apple, ginger, pear, sweetened melon, mango, goji berries, beetroot, natural flavor, everlasting mountain.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Natural dehydrated ginger without sugar and...

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Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. It is rich in vitamins A, B6, K, useful to relieve the sense of nausea, migraine, indigestion, heartburn and stomach pain. Furthermore, being rich in vitamin B, it accelerates the metabolism decreasing the sense of hunger.

Ingredients: ginger (95%), glycerol (5%), sodium metabisulfite (E223) 0.01%
Origin: Thailand

Sweet Mexicana Breading

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For a compact, tasty and intense flavor au gratin, this mixture offers a mix of onion, garlic and tomato with nuances of parsley and paprika to give a pungent tone. Perfect for breading red and white meats, it is also excellent as a filling or to sweeten the bitter vegetable graten.

Ingredients: wheat flour, salt, brewer's yeast, paprika, parsley, tomato granules, onion, garlic.
Contains gluten.

Tea pu erh exotic

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The taste of this precious tea is intense but at the same time fresh and sweet thanks to the presence of orange, papaya and pineapple. Very delicate on the palate.

Ingredients: Pu Erh, sweet pineapple, papaya, natural flavor, orange peel, yellow calendula.

  • 90/95 °
  • 3/5 gr every 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. of infusion
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