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Cocoa Beans Bio

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Cocoa beans are nothing but the seeds of the same cocoa plant, rich in vitamins and minerals. You appreciate very much not only for their pleasant taste but also for its beneficial effects such as: antidepressant, or against cell aging and against Alzheimer's. Antioxidants par excellence, they improve concentration thanks to its theobromine content.
You can eat natural or toasted as an excellent mid-morning snack.

Ingredients: raw organic cocoa beans

Infuse pear and cinnamon

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The infusion with pear and cinnamon, obtained with organic farming methods, excluding the use of chemicals, arises from the desire to offer a natural and genuine product, but at the time same pleasant and tasty.

Ingredients: pieces of apple, hibiscus, elderberries, pomegranate flowers, rose hips, natural flavors, blueberries, cornflower, mallow.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Lemon and strawberry infusion

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Recommended as an excellent digestive and disinfectant for the respiratory tract. Very delicate rich in flavor with a strawberry scent.

Ingredients: lemongrass, apple pieces, sweetened pineapple cubes, calendula, freeze-dried lemon granulate (maltodextrin, fruit (lemon juice), natural lemon oil, thickener: sodium alginate), small pieces of freeze-dried strawberry, natural flavors.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Lemon Lapacho

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Lapacho has antibacterial properties, strengthens the immune system and tones the body. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, purifying and tonic properties. Recommended in case of candida, cystitis and vaginal infections.
Not recommended for children.

Ingredients: lapacho bark, lemon zest, natural flavors, lemongrass, rooibos super grade.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Raspberry and toasted almonds infusion

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Raspberry and sheared almond infusion prepared with precious fruits delicately enriched in the taste with natural and pure aromas, this drink is born from a perfect combination. It can be enjoyed both hot and chilled.

Ingredients: apple, sweetened almonds, rice flour, hydrogenated rapeseed oil, thickening gum, cut mistletoe, raspberry, cardamom, natural flavors.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Salted roasted cashews

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Roasted cashews are not only simple snacks, but they are fruits that contain countless beneficial privileges if taken regularly. It is a good source of minerals for its iron, phosphorus content and in addition it provides vitamins B1 and A. Much used in Indian cooking.

Ingredients: cashews, salt, sunflower oil.
Origin: Vietnam

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