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Scala di Scoville 2020

Scala di Scoville 2020



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Jasmine white tea and organic jasmine

Price €4.41
Availability: 4 In Stock

The best jasmine tea! The young leaves are harvested by hand and then flavored for several days with jasmine flowers. The flowers are replaced every day with new ones, this allows the leaves to absorb the perfume intensely. Then the leaves are rolled by hand one by one to form balls, thus making it one of the finest teas in the world. All this process releases a wonderful infusion of yellow and golden color.


white tea Jasmine bio, jasmine.



  • 70°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. di infusion

Top Brazil coffee

Price €3.18
Availability: 98 In Stock

Coffee with a soft and delicate character. Much appreciated for its sweet aftertaste in the aroma and persistent taste characterized by strong cocoa notes.

Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee
Origin: Brazil

Slimming herbal blend

Price €3.18
Availability: 21 In Stock

If inserted in a correct diet, this mixture is very useful for losing weight and draining our body, through a good diuresis. It has been studied with a composition of many officinal herbs, beneficial for eliminating excess liquids and fats. The mix of slimming herbs represents a useful integrated and natural support for a healthy weight loss diet.


fucus, ash, fallax, cinchona, sage, horsetail, fennel, licorice, yarrow, sweet orange, juniper, mint, red vine, asparagus, birch..

  • 100°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 08/10 min. di infusion

Huang Ya yellow tea

Price €3.45
Availability: 74 In Stock

Yellow tea is special! After roasting the tea is wrapped in soft cloths and subjected to a delicate fermentation process. It is interested not only for its high antioxidant content but also for its preparation process.

Ingredients: Huang Ya yellow tea
Origin: China

  • 75/80°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 03/04 min. di infusione

Mate tea blood orange

Price €2.05
Availability: 45 In Stock

The mate also called with the name "tea of ​​Paraguay or tea of ​​the Jesuits". Known for its metabolic stimulating properties. The bitter taste of the leaves dried in the sun is distorted by the fresh and intense taste of the orange, enhancing its scent an excellent drink to drink in the morning.


green and toasted mate, licorice root, orange peel, orange blossom, natural flavor.

  • 800°
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 08/10 min. of infusion

Salted Roasted Pistachios in Shell

Price €5.58
Availability: 69 In Stock

Pistachio is much more than a tasty snack or to nibble with an aperitif. So, in addition to being a special ingredient for our dishes, it is also a friend of our health.

Ingredients: pistachios, salt.
Origin: Usa

Allergens :
kraft envelope with zip closure that saves freshness.

Green tea with roasted almonds

Price €3.18
Availability: 62 In Stock

This tea with an intense flavor and enveloping aroma, is enriched with the tones of roasted almonds. Sencha green tea leaves marry the taste of almond and other sweet notes, for a surprising result. An intoxicating and original drink that you can enjoy natural or low in sugar, ideal in any season.


Sencha green tea, sweetened coconut, Pai Mu Tan white tea, cinnamon pieces, natural flavoring, almond.

  • 80°
  • 3/5g to 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. infusion

Black tea hazelnut

Price €2.05
Availability: 73 In Stock

Deliciously scented black tea, ideal for accompanying winter afternoons.

Ingredients: Ceylon black tea, natural hazelnut flavor, jasmine flowers.
Origin: South India

  • 80°
  • 3/5g ogni 250 ml
  • 03/05 min. di infusion

Prepared for amatriciana pasta

Price €3.18
Availability: 51 In Stock

If you are looking for all the aroma and flavor of an Amatriciana, try this preparation, created according to tradition. You can give your pasta a sauce typical of Italian and Lazio cuisine, which combines the classic flavors of Amatrice's gastronomy, to be combined with long pasta such as bucatini and spaghetti.

Ingredients: tomato, chilli, carrot, celery, onion, garlic.

Premium organic matcha ceremonial

Price €24.55
Availability: 3 In Stock

The top of the top Matcha gods. Our premium matcha ceremonial tea contains all its good properties. Mild, delicate and sweet taste. Ideal to be enjoyed every day.

Ingredients: organic Matcha premium ceremonial tea.
* organic product.

  • 80°
  • 3g ogni 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. di infusione

nest pu erh

Price €3.36
Availability: 87 In Stock

Typical of the Chinese province of Yunnan, perhaps the most famous of the fermented teas; it is characterized by its production: in fact, after being collected, the leaves are naturally dried in the sun. There are various types of Pu Erh and the one we propose is called Tuo Cha (沱茶, tuó chá) or bowl-shaped tea and is the result of the process that is carried out after boiling and drying the tea leaves in the sun to then be pressed into this form reminiscent of bird nests. This tea is pressed in the form of a bird's nest. As usual in the Chinese tea tradition, Pu Erh is fermented.
* 25gr correspond to about 3/4 nests of Pu Erh.

Ingredients: Pu Erh nest tea.

  • 90/95°
  • 1 peace every 250 ml
  • 02/03 min. of infusion

black pepper grains Tellicherry

Price €1.81
Availability: 39 In Stock

Black pepper is more than just a spice, and used daily it is a real natural drug. Used for healing purposes for millennia, it goes beyond the idea of a simple spice. Black pepper would stimulate the production of natural endorphins by acting as a kind of natural antidepressant. Characteristic is the brown color of the large and full-bodied grains.

Ingredients: Tellicherry black pepper
Origin: India

Packaging: 50g/150g stackable airtight pet jar.
250g/1000g kraft bag with zip closure to save freshness.