To enjoy a moment of true relaxation while enjoying your favorite herbal tea, it is important to have the right accessories: infusers, teapots and cups can indeed make a difference. Those who love to take a special break, do not choose random accessories, but prefer to buy everything they need to make this moment an authentic wellness ritual. Herbal tea accessories: which ones to choose? The tasting of a tea, an infusion or a herbal tea requires a wide range of accessories, appreciated for their design and practicality. Among these, the infusors and filters for tea and herbal teas stand out, which adapt in shape and size to the type of cup combined and the type of infusion purchased. Tea cups can also be made of glass, porcelain or ceramic: depending on the color and type of design, each person can recognize himself in the style he considers most similar. Another accessory that just can't be missing is the tea box, very useful for storing such delicate products as infusions or leaf tea. The cap of these herbal teas has an ideal closure to guarantee the most appropriate conservation and freshness. Among the tea accessories, another excellence is the service for the preparation of matcha tea: these accessories allow even the most inexperienced to perform an authentic ritual, while remaining faithful to the ancient traditions of the past. Natura d'Oriente offers a wide selection of accessories for tea and herbal teas, so as to create a small kit dedicated to relaxation: in addition to the ingredients to prepare your favorite drink, you can also decide to buy an accompanying set, ideal to impress guests during a special snack or after a meal. Gift accessories: our proposals Tea and herbal tea accessories can be a beautiful gift idea to amaze friends and family with something unique and special. In addition to choosing an infusion or tea suited to the needs and tastes of the loved one, you can add a kit of accessories designed specifically to make this moment of well-being a relaxation ritual. Natura d’Oriente offers many ideas to give you an unforgettable experience every day: packaging is also available upon request.

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Glass carafe with steel...

Glass carafe with steel infuser

Price €40.90
Availability: Out of stock
  • Elegant jug in heat resistant borosilicate glass (1.25 LT).
  • High quality stainless steel strainer with punching.
  • 2-part lid with integrated filter.
  • Color-coordinated imitation leather cuff / coaster.
  • In exclusive gift box.

Grind salt and pepper

Grind salt and pepper

Price €6.39
Availability: 7 In Stock

Salt or pepper grinder with stainless steel grinding attachment and adjustable grinder to make a perfect grind to your taste.

  • ✅Glass salt and pepper mills (small and thick)
  • ✅Packaged in transparent PE boxes
  • ✅Height: 13cm Diameter: 6cm
    ✅ Weight approx .: 250g

Steel and glass teapot
  • New

Steel and glass teapot

Price €24.51
Availability: 1 In Stock

A large glass teapot, practical for infusing tea and herbal teas thanks to the internal filter. An accessory for the tea service with a modern and minimal design.

✅Capacity: 1050-600 ML
✅1050 ml width: 18 Depth: 14 Height: 12
✅600 ml width: 15 Depth: 12 Height : 12
✅Microwave oven: no ✅Vitroceramic: no
✅Induction: no ✅Gas: no
✅Dishwasher: yes

Mug Geisha porcelain

Mug Geisha porcelain

Price €20.41
Availability: 11 In Stock

✅A double-walled porcelain mug ensures hot drinks stay hot longer and you can comfortably hold the mug in your hand, even without a handle.
✅The Geisha porcelain cup has a stainless steel infuser and porcelain lid, available in 3 colors. Comes with a gift box.
✅Capacity: 350 ml

tin container 500g floral

tin container 500g floral

Price €8.11
Availability: 4 In Stock

Airtight tin container available in two colors to store 500 g of product (tea or dried food). For tea lovers a particularly high-quality, floral and colorful print of the best quality.

✅ Measurements: Height 18.9 cm | Width 9.8 cm.

Cup infuser in glass ampoule

Cup infuser in glass ampoule

Price €5.57
Availability: 5 In Stock

✅ Cup infuser in glass vial with cork stopper.
✅ Original gift
✅ Glass filter
✅ Measurements: height 16.5 cm, diameter 3.4 cm

Paper filters for herbal teas

Paper filters for herbal teas

Price €4.09
Availability: 23 In Stock

✅ Pack of 100 paper filters with cup holder stick.
✅ Paper tea filters, ideal for brewing in a cup or teapot.
✅ Filter that does not alter the aroma of the tea .
✅ Excellent quality: good permeability, clean filtered without leaving residues.
✅ Resistance to high temperatures.

Nagoya cast iron teapot
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Nagoya cast iron teapot

Price €36.89
Availability: Out of stock

Red and black cast iron teapot, equipped with a stainless steel filter, perfect for preparing a good leaf tea and keeping it warm for a long time.

✅Capacity: 800 ML
✅Net weight: 1.3 kg
✅Width: 18 Depth: 16 Height: 16
✅Microwave oven: no ✅Glass ceramic: yes ✅ Induction: yes ✅Gas: yes ✅ Dishwasher: no

Paper filters with lace for...

Paper filters with lace for herbal teas

Price €3.24
Availability: 57 In Stock

These tea filter bags are ideal for proper infusion. They have a lace to close them safely, after inserting the loose tea leaves or the ingredients of herbal teas and infusions. Simply fill and then fold the sachet, to be sure that no element floats outside in the water.

✅ Pack of 32 filters.

Fukuoka cast iron teapot

Fukuoka cast iron teapot

Price €47.54
Availability: 6 In Stock

Iron teapot, equipped with a stainless steel filter, perfect for preparing a good leaf tea and keeping it warm for a long time.

✅Capacity: 1100 ML
✅ Net weight: 1.7 kg
✅ Width: 20.2 Depth: 17.5 Height: 16.2
✅ Microwave oven: no ✅ Glass ceramic: yes ✅ Induction: yes ✅Gas: yes ✅ Dishwasher : no

Porcelain cup with filter

Porcelain cup with filter

Price €20.41
Availability: 2 In Stock

✅ The unique decoration of this tea cup is an elegant and unique look. This is complemented by the harmonious chromatic symbiosis of delicate ivory and purple tones. The double-walled ceramic ensures that hot drinks stay hot longer and that you can comfortably hold the cup in your hand, even without a handle. The stainless steel strainer allows you to prepare tea directly in the cup.
✅The porcelain mug features a stainless steel infuser and porcelain lid and comes with a gift box.
✅Capacity: 350ml