Salt, considered the main kitchen element, is a fixed ingredient in spice cabinets and on the table. The same thing happens to pepper, often mentioned in combination. For the perfect finish of these condiments, which enhance the flavor of the dishes, you can use a salt or pepper grinder. It allows you to reduce them to the desired consistency, experimenting with the freedom to choose the size and consistency of the grains.

The advantages of a salt and pepper mill

These handy tools grind the largest salt crystals and peppercorns. While the flavor of salt or pepper doesn't change with a grinder, it does make a change that improves the dish. You can enrich a dish with a few flakes of hearty salt, sprinkle the pepper properly, to give a perfect finish. The salt mill and pepper mill both feature an adjustable grinding mechanism, allowing you to manually choose the grain of your seasoning. The detail of the grinder is to be taken into consideration when buying a salt mill. It can be directed and adjusted to obtain the desired grain on salt or pepper.

How to use the salt and pepper mill in the kitchen

Each salt or pepper mill is easy to handle. May contain peppercorns, sea salt, Himalayan salt, dried chili peppers, etc. It becomes an important accessory when using fine salts or coarse peppercorns - recommended for all types of pepper. The mills stand on the glass base, with one attachment at the top, so the condiment doesn't stain the table or counter. They are filled with coarse salt or peppercorns, on top. The knob is adjustable, with different levels and fineness of grinding, from coarse to medium or fine. It rotates according to your taste, to grind to perfection. It fills up and empties quickly. After use, simply close the grinder with the cap. Besides being a high quality salt or pepper grinder, you could also use it for other spices.

The design of the salt and pepper mill

There are different models, with simple salt mills, both manual and electric. For yield, a manual grinder is best controlled, it is ergonomic. The proposed model is a manual salt mill in glass, with a linear and elegant design. It is created with stainless steel, a very popular material for salt mills, from a practical point of view since it does not rust and is hygienic. This finish requires little maintenance, it can be rinsed in hot water. Aesthetically, steel often complements other metallic finishes in the kitchen including appliances and the stovetop. The salt and pepper mill features a covered steel mouthpiece, which prevents it from being contaminated and keeps the seasonings fresher for longer. The lid is also useful for keeping the salt mill clean, in the sense that it protects it from humidity, dust and residues on the table. Our salt and pepper mills are great kitchen tools and gifts!

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