Set of six pepper mix glass vials

The glass pepper packaging allows you to taste different types of pepper, a mix of aromas and flavors to use in the kitchen when necessary and according to the recipes of the moment. Ideal among practical accessories but with a gourmet touch, the peppercorn containers are made with glass vials, to allow easy identification and dosing. The packaging with glass vials represents an "organizer" in the kitchen, which in addition to containing pepper, can later be used in a multifunctional way as a salt or spice holder. The base of the pepper set is made of wood, and holds 6 glass tubes fitted with a cork stopper closure - which retains the fragrance of the pepper. It is a spice rack with a practical pedestal, which you can display in the kitchen for its design and will be useful immediately: just open the test tube and immediately use the desired pepper.

The types of pepper included in the gift set

The set of six glass vials consists of: black peppercorns, white peppercorns, melange peppercorns, green peppercorns, pink peppercorns, Jamaican peppercorns. The trio of black, white and green pepper comes from the same plant, Piper nigrum, and is harvested at different stages of growth; while other types of pepper come from different plants. Among the most famous spices in the world, black peppercorns (harvested early and left to dry) are indispensable in the kitchen; useful to be ground and used together with salt. The white peppercorns, obtained from the ripe berry and with a treatment in water, show a more intense flavour. They are perfect for white sauces, mashed potatoes, garnishes. Green pepper, the most unripe part produced by the plant, has a more delicate and aromatic flavour, fresh and perfect for many recipes. Pink pepper is obtained from the berries of a South American shrub (Schinus molle), it has a delicate flavor and a soft and light texture; suitable for salads, fish or as a finish for various dishes. Melange peppercorns represent a mix of black, green, pink and white pepper, fragrant and pungent – albeit with the sweet undertone of pink pepper. They are used to flavor dishes spectacularly, and go well with meat and fish. Jamaican pepper, also called allspice, comes from the Pimenta dioica plant. As a condiment it is highly aromatic, with an intense aroma and taste that can recall a mix of spices (cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg). It is mainly used to flavor Caribbean and Mexican dishes, sweet and savory. A perfect surprise for cooking enthusiasts, the set of six glass pepperpacks arrives with a nice gift box.

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