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Pure vanilla licorice

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With a very delicate taste. Both licorice and vanilla can act as aphrodisiacs thanks to their intense aromas which would stimulate female desire more than many other perfumes.

Ingredients: licorice, catechu, flavors.

Silver licorice earthenware

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Terracattù is a vintage product, pure licorice with the addition of very little sugar and mint. The silver color comes from Cattù, a natural dye from acacia.


licorice, sugar, catechu, coloring E171, coating agent E555.

Pure liquorice flakes

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Good, healthy and with an unmistakable flavor. If used in controlled quantities it has numerous benefits. Excellent help to improve digestion, constipation, low blood pressure and counteracts insomnia.

Ingredients: pure licorice.

White licorice chalks

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The chalks are soft candies with a licorice flavor, for all ages.

Ingredients: licorice extract, sugar, glucose syrup, fructose, vegetable flavorings, thickener, food gelatin, E150d - E171 dyes, salt, flavorings.

Anise licorice

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A combination studied especially for those who have problems with digestion. In fact, both licorice and anise are two plants that have digestive properties and help fight aerophagia, slow digestion and gastro-duodenal ulcers.

Ingredients: pure licorice, aromas.

Eucalyptus and mint licorice

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The active ingredients of these two plants confer a beneficial action above all to the respiratory tract as expectorants, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial.

Ingredients: licorice, sugar, cattù, natural flavors.

Licorice powder

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Licorice that goodness !! Toccasana for the respiratory system, it has the power to calm the cough and favor the expulsion of the phlegm from the bronchi. Excellent for desserts and for the preparation of sauces for meat or fish dishes. Also excellent for those suffering from low blood pressure.

Ingredients: Pure licorice