Set of six salt mix glass vials

The glass salt packaging, inside transparent vials, allows you to season in a practical way with different types of salt. A mix of flavors and aromas, to be used easily in the kitchen according to the recipes of the moment.

It is an ideal accessory for practicality, but with a perfect style as a display, and a utility for all gourmets who season in an eclectic way. The containers for the salts are made with glass tubes, to allow you to easily identify the crystals and dose them.

The packaging with glass vials becomes a handy "organizer" in the kitchen, which in addition to salt, could later be used in a multifunctional way as a pepper or spice holder. The base of the salt holder is made of wood, and supports 6 glass tubes equipped with a cork closure; a system that preserves the fragrance of pepper. The pedestal of the spice and salt holder can be displayed in the kitchen due to its natural design, and becomes easy to use on a daily basis: just open the test tube and immediately use the chosen flavored salt.

The types of salt inserted in the gift box salt holder

The set with six glass vials contains for each: cuttlefish ink salt, lemon salt, basil salt, blue salt of Persia, Hawaii salt, pink salt . The salt contained comes from different traditions, and is flavored to give an always surprising aromatic and taste sensation. The packaging of the set with glass vials contains particular and precious salts, suitable for many dishes.

The mix of the salt holder presents among the 6 a salt obtained from the mixture of sea salt and cuttlefish ink, for a particular contrast. With a velvety black color and a slightly sweet aftertaste, due to cuttlefish ink, it is often used for finishing on fish, potatoes, fish soups and shellfish. Perfect after cooking, it is a scenographic salt. Lemon Flavored Salt, again created with a mix of sea salt and lemon flavourings, is truly unique in evoking a lively scent and savory taste. Perfect on meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts – for true gourmets.

Same bright and Mediterranean flavor for the basil salt, flavored with one of the best known herbs in our cuisine. Ideal for winter recipes, when you want to bring the smell of basil back to first courses, potatoes, fish and many other dishes. The blue salt of Persia is a unique touch for this set of six glass salt vials, because it contains a very rare salt. A rock salt collected from the mines that hide an ancient salt lake in present-day Iran. The natural blue colour, due to the presence of the saline mineral potassium chloride, makes it interesting in the finishes. Intense and evanescent flavour, for a particular touch. Pink salt is also a colored salt, which contains iron and gives a soft flavor to dishes. The oceanic consistency of Hawaii salt is felt and seen. It is a red sea salt, deriving from the famous volcanic islands. Inside it has doses of volcanic clay and natural vegetable charcoal, with purifying as well as decorative properties due to its colour. A perfect surprise for cooking enthusiasts, the set of six glass salt packs is sold accompanied by a pleasant gift box.

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