Oriental porcelain tea set

The tea service in exclusive and painted porcelain shows a perfect Japanese style as an accessory for the tea ritual. Each of the 5 pieces of the tea set is decorated with a classic linear and elegant finish, and nuances that refer to the colors of water (black) and fire (red) of the oriental tradition.

The design shows Asian inspiration in every detail, both in the colors and in the designs present on each element, porcelain teapot and cups, decorated in red, with the Chinese symbol of longevity. Cups without a handle, halfway between a glass and a mug, are part of the typical design in the tea ceremony.

The chawan are cups for preparing and drinking tea with a flared shape, almost like a bowl, for enjoying summer tea. They originate in China and have been adopted in the Japanese tea ritual since around the 13th century. They are created with an excellent thickness to retain heat. The oriental tea set becomes a refined accessory for the home, and a spectacular gift for those who love infusions.

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