Cup infuser with lid

This model is considered a classic, a large basket infuser for a single serving of tea or infusion in a cup. It is very reliable for keeping the leaves or other elements out of the hot water but, at the same time, allowing them to open and expand in a comfortable way - such as to favor an excellent dispersion of the active ingredients. This infuser is built to last, with high quality stainless steel. It has a lid, which closes completely to keep the heat; the closure can also function as an infuser collection tray after extraction.

The advantages of the cup basket infuser

The infuser for the cup gives a delicious tea, and is especially perfect for infusions or herbal teas with ingredients larger than the classic leaves (dried berries, stems, etc.). With its capacity, the infuser strainer allows you to make the most of the loose elements of tea and herbal teas, for the best extraction of flavor and beneficial nutrients. The nutrients arrive directly thanks to the metal meshes with micro mesh - able to retain the smallest particles but release the necessary characteristics. This fine mesh strainer is also suitable for infusing coffee. Given that the more space the ingredients find, the better the flavour, a strainer with such a large basket becomes truly effective for spreading them to every corner of the cup. The stainless steel basket infuser is shaped to fit comfortably in your teacup. The dual function lid retains heat and acts as a drip tray to reduce mess. It is easy to use, also due to the comfortable handle on the side of the basket which allows you not to get too close to the heat of the tea cup.

How to use the cup infuser

This stainless steel basket allows you to easily prepare any infusion drink. Simply place it inside the cup, add the leaves and ingredients to the basket, covering them with the included lid. The water is poured, and the tea or drink is left to infuse for the necessary time.

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