Red teapot cup infuser

The filter for tea or herbal teas, in this case is made up of a classic ball sieve where you can insert the loose leaves, and a decoration with an original hand painted oriental teapot but no. The stainless steel sphere is practical, like the comfortable chain, while the small sculpture of the teapot represents the creative part of the infuser. It becomes an elegant tea filter, exclusive but simple to use.

The advantages of a ball infuser

The round filter for infusion and the chain are made of rust-resistant stainless steel (stainless), suitable for food use, solid against scratches and bumps. The spherical "ball" infuser, known for over a century, is ideal for the correct infusion of tea. Its fine-mesh metal screen ensures that loose leaf tea (or other ingredients) does not leak during the brewing process. It opens and closes comfortably in the middle, and from this slit in the middle it allows you to fill the filter container and empty it. The infuser for a cup with the red teapot in the pendant contains the right amount for loose leaf tea, and is also large enough for other herbal teas, infusions and decoctions. The design of the pendant cup infuser The tea filter combines the standard shape of the ball infuser, with a personalized detail such as the red teapot inspired by the Egyptian style. Swinging on the edge of the cup, it recalls the oriental tea ritual. The hook at the end of the diffuser allows the pendant to swing properly, displaying the hand painted teapot. As a gift idea, the tea infuser represents an original gift for any occasion, perfect for lovers of the Middle and Far East, tea and infusions.

How to use the tea infuser with decoration

Fill the tea filter sphere with loose leaves, or with the ingredients for your herbal tea. Insert the ball infuser into the teacup. Thanks to the chain, the decoration of the infuser remains on the edge of the cup - it keeps you company when you take tea and brightens up your environment with its design. Once the infusion time is over, remove the filter with the chain, and then put it to drain. Given the presence of the hand-decorated pendant, it is advisable to wash the infuser by rinsing it in hot water and then drying it immediately. It is also to be worked by hand due to the stainless steel links, which are robust but not suitable for the dishwasher.

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