Cup infuser in glass vial

This glass infuser is great for infusing herbs, tea and various ingredients, floating them at the perfect temperature.

As a tea infuser it consists of a high quality glass vial and a cork stopper. It is a glass tea infuser filter that has the ability to make the active ingredients penetrate the hot water in the best possible way; especially for short infusion times. Its safe material, borosilicate glass (Pyrex) resists thermal shock, is heat-proof but does not hold heat for long. For this reason, it is a high quality glass suitable for the preparation of certain types of tea such as green tea, white tea and tea flowers - which can bloom spectacularly inside the vial. For tea or herbal tea, this glass vial infuser is truly original, as well as functional.

The advantages of the glass infuser

It is one of the tea accessories preferred by connoisseurs for its efficiency and elegance. The vial tea filter has a unique style, to admire the tea or herbal tea during the infusion. You can swirl the tube infuser, to make the ingredients spread up to the part where the fine cut lines are. Here the water enters the vial to extract the active ingredients.

Allows a uniform and constant infusion, thanks to the good filtering capabilities of the cuts. The transparent infusion vial is suitable for a cup or for the carafe. Glass cleans easily compared to wire mesh filters, making it one of the most hygienic tea infusers. Plus, compared to disposable tea bags, this vial cup infuser is durable and eco-friendly. U

an advantage of the vial infuser is that it can also be used outside the home, being light and portable, convenient to carry on the go. Such a minimalistic and functional tea infuser becomes a perfect gift. How to use the glass vial infuser It is a practical infuser, which is quickly prepared for tea, herbal teas and infusions. Put the loose tea leaves or the ingredients into the glass vial. Close with the cork stopper. Place the vial in a teacup or carafe. Add the boiled water at the right temperature to the cup. Leave the necessary time to infuse, and then remove it.

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