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Traditionally, the essential oil of Atlantic cedar is considered to have the characteristics of the imposing tree from which it is obtained, therefore it would instill calm, serenity and strength . The antiseptic and astringent properties make it an excellent ally in skin care. While the balsamic ones make it an expectorant and disinfectant of the respiratory tract and make it unwelcome to insects.

The plant and the production of essential oil

The Atlas Mountains are a mountain range that extends in North Africa between Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, on the slopes of these mountains there are forests of an imposing tree of the Pinaceae family and of the genus Cedrus which from them takes the scientific name of Cedrus atlantica (even if some botanists do not classify it as a separate species but as a subspecies of the Cedar of Lebanon). Imposing tree we said, in cultivations it reaches 30 meters in height, but those that grow spontaneously even reach 45. What is truly impressive about this tree is its longevity, it can reach 3000 years, so much so that the Egyptians believed it was eternal and also for this reason its oil was used in embalming and in the conservation of papyri. Many other ancient peoples appreciated the wood which was used to sculpt sacred statues but also in constructions also because the smell it gives off helped keep insects away. It is an evergreen plant with needle-like leaves. The shape is conical and tends to widen with age. The grey/brown bark is fissured and it is from it that the essential oil is obtained with the steam distillation technique.

Properties of Atlantic cedar essential oil

Cedar essential oil has antiseptic, purifying, rebalancing, decongestant, expectorant and relaxing properties. Promotes microcirculation and balances sebum production. As with many other essential oils, its rubefacient properties stimulate peripheral microcirculation, which is why it is important to use it very diluted. Rubefacent in herbal medicine is the ability of a substance to make the skin redden, that is, in essence to irritate, to the point of causing burns and lacerations, but in very moderate quantities that same substance does not involve those damages but the benefit to draw blood to the area.

Topical use of Atlantic cedar essential oil

Atlantic cedar essential oil is very appreciated for hair care, thanks to the above properties, the ability to regulate the production of sebum is useful for oily hair, while stimulating the microcirculation of the scalp helps strengthen the hair and prevent hair loss. The antiseptic properties and the ability to regulate sebum make this essential oil useful for skin care and in particular for fighting acne. We remind you that when we talk about using diluted essential oil we are ideally referring to a few drops dissolved in a carrier oil, dilution in water is not ideal because essential oils are fat-soluble and not water-soluble, however as far as hair is concerned you can also add to shampoo or conditioner. As far as the expectorant and balsamic properties are concerned, in addition to the use in suffumiges which for obvious reasons we always write in the aromatherapy paragraph, it is also possible to use the essential oil of Atlantic cedar diluted in a carrier oil for massages on the chest or back.< /p>

Atlantic cedar essential oil in aromatherapy

The use in environmental diffusion through special aromatherapy diffusers or in radiator trays is indicated for relaxing and at the same time for exerting an invigorating action on the psyche. The use in fumigation is instead the way to take advantage of the balsamic and expectorant properties in case of respiratory tract diseases. We have mentioned how insects do not like the smell of wild cedar oil, so it is also a natural repellent which can be used for this purpose in aromatherapy but also in wardrobes for moth protection.


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