It will not surprise anyone to discover that some of the main properties ascribed to mandarin essential oil are the same as those attributed to lemon essential oil, such as the antiseptic properties and the ability to promote circulation, with the advantage of being particularly delicate, which makes it highly appreciated in aromatherapy.

The plant and the production of mandarin oil

The only natural citrus fruits are the citron, the mandarin and the pomelo, all the other citrus fruits were born from crossbreeding, but this does not mean that the different mandarin varieties are not in turn crossings, also because it is thought that the original mandarin was bitter and that the sweetness derives from crossings with the pomelo. For example, this essential oil is extracted from a plant whose scientific name is Citrus nobilis which is in turn a group that contains four hybrids of mandarin and pomelo.

The mandarin is a small tree usually no more than 4 meters. The fruit is roughly spherical in shape but slightly flattened compared to the more perfect sphericity of the orange. However, the point when it comes to citrus fruits is that there are so many varieties and cultivars generated by crossings that have been going on for millennia that even botanists find it difficult to agree on classifications. The essential oil can be obtained as for practically all oils with steam distillation, but as for all citrus fruits also with the cold pressing method of the peels which are particularly rich in essential oils.

Properties of mandarin essential oil

We wrote in the introductory paragraph that lemon essential oil can be seen as a more delicate alternative to lemon essential oil in terms of antiseptic properties and also for ability to promote circulation, after all some of the main components are the same in the two oils (for example limonene and geraniol).

Topical use of mandarin essential oil

As regards the applications of its disinfectant properties, mandarin essential oil is recommended for fighting acne, the fact that it is delicate makes it suitable for particularly sensitive people, but be clear this does not change the fact that like all essential oils it should be used diluted in a carrier oil and in small quantities and it does not change that as with all essential oils derived from citrus fruits you should not expose yourself to the sun immediately after application. Added to a massage oil, it would prevent stretch marks and improve peripheral circulation.

The use in aromatherapy

As anticipated aromatherapy, thanks to the pleasant scent, is certainly the most used application of mandarin essential oil. A few drops of essential oil in a diffuser or in the radiator tray, as well as pleasantly perfuming the air, promote relaxation and rest. In a more concentrated and close-up form, for example inhaling from a handkerchief on which a few drops have been dropped (always very few! A couple) would help in case of anxiety.


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