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The main properties of cypress essential oil are balsamic and expectorant and the ability to stimulate blood circulation, useful for combating water retention and cellulite.

The plant and the production of essential oil

The common cypress or Mediterranean cypress is a conifer belonging to the Cupressus genus of the Cupressaceae family, the scientific name of the species is Cupressus sempervirens. The area of origin is not sure but it is thought to be the eastern area of the Mediterranean basin, perhaps the current Iran and neighboring areas, therefore even if it is widespread in Italy it would not be a native species. In the western area of the Mediterranean it would have been introduced by the Phoenicians and the Etruscans. The cypress is an evergreen tree which normally reaches 25 meters and which can reach up to 50 in the longest-lived specimens. The tree has been used for ornamental purposes since ancient times, thanks to the particular shape of the crown. The wood is very hard and this characteristic combined with the strongly aromatic smell which protects it from moths and other parasites has made it a favorite for furniture construction. The dark green leaves are very small, the flowers are yellow, also small, and are placed at the end of the twigs. The fruits are small spheres, first green in color and then ligneous. The Greek myth of Cyparissus, a young man loved by Apollo, who after accidentally killing his beloved playmate deer turned into a cypress out of pain, is a foundation myth aimed at explaining the association of the plant with mourning. Cypress essential oil is obtained from young twigs using the steam distillation method.

Properties of cypress essential oil

As with all essential oils, there are many properties attributed to cypress essential oil, but the main ones are certainly the expectorant and balsamic commonly found in oils essential oils obtained from conifers and the ability to stimulate peripheral circulation. As for the effects on the psyche, the cypress has a tranquilizing and antidepressant action.

Topical use of cypress essential oil

Being a substance that improves circulation it is used for massages, obviously just a few drops added to an oil, very useful both for fighting cramps and for fighting water retention. In lotions and hair wraps it exerts a reinforcing action by exploiting the same property, improving the microcirculation in the scalp and strengthening the hair. Another possible use is in the bath as a relaxant and even anti-rheumatic, also in this case it would be better to use a vector, due to the usual argument that essential oils are fat-soluble but not water-soluble, which could be rock salt strong>.

How is cypress essential oil used in aromatherapy?

As far as environmental diffusion is concerned, cypress essential oil can also be used only to perfume the environment with an essence which, moreover, has the advantage of not being loved by insects. For the relaxing and calming action of the psyche, one can use both aromatherapy with environmental diffusers or in the radiator tray, or pour it into the hot water of the bathtub where the effect will be both topical by contact and above all that of the inhalation of the fumes given off by the hot water. For the expectorant and decongestant effect of the respiratory tract, the usual mechanism is always that of inhalation but we will need a closer use and therefore we will resort to fumigation. For respiratory tract ailments, it should be remembered, as for other essential oils, also the possibility of adding a few drops to an oil to spread on the chest or back.


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