Patchouli essential oil is mainly appreciated for its healing abilities and anti-anxiety properties, but like all essential oils, being a complex compound, it also boasts, to a lesser extent, several other property. The plant and the production of essential oil Patchouli is a plant of the Lamiaceae family, the same as lavender, the scientific name is Pogostemon cablin. The plant is a bush that can grow up to one meter in height, the color of the stem is purple, the leaves are oval, large and light green in color and give off a strong perfume. The patchouli plant can easily be confused with that of mint.
The essential oil like most of the others is obtained with the technique of steam current distillation, the part used are the leaves and the stem.

Properties of patchouli essential oil

The healing capabilities of patchouli essential oil are due to one of its components, patchoulene which has properties very similar to those of chamomile azulene, the latter being well known for its soothing effects but also used for the treatment of wrinkles for its ability to promote cell regeneration. As far as the effects on the psyche are concerned, patchouli oil is a mild anxiolytic. The smell is very strong and for this reason it is widely used in the cosmetic industry (in Asia also in the food industry, especially in the confectionery industry).

Topical use of patchouli essential oil

To take advantage of its healing, regenerating and revitalizing properties, patchouli essential oil can be used by adding it to a massage oil, resulting in an effective treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks. Like many other essential oils, antiseptic and antifungal capacities are also attributed which are indeed more pronounced in other oils, but combined with the soothing properties can make it useful for fighting acne while simultaneously having a soothing effect on the skin.

The use of patchouli essential oil in aromatherapy

In aromatherapy, patchouli essential oil thanks to its particularly intense scent is considered a revitalizer, someone in the East has even come to attribute it aphrodisiac properties. However, revitalizing does not mean exciting, on the contrary the essential oil of patchouli, which as we have said has a component with chemical characteristics similar to one found in chamomile, has anxiolytic properties. The methods of use are the usual, an aromatherapy diffuser if you have one, otherwise in winter the radiator humidifier tray will do just fine.
In this case, given what has been said about the particularly strong smell, the recommended dosage will be particularly low, one drop for each square meter of the environment will be more than sufficient or the smell could become disturbing for someone and obtain the opposite effect to the desired one.


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