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A gratin breading in which the refined taste given by the truffle aroma is supported by some of the most typical spices of our tradition (oregano and pepper) and garlic, this condiment 'the last almost ubiquitous in our culinary tradition.

Breading and gratin: what differentiates them

The breading mix could be used for both breading and gratin dishes. Breading and gratin are not exactly the same thing in the kitchen, a breaded dish is completely covered in breading and then cooked (usually fried or baked), when we talk about gratin we are referring to a cooking technique that aims to develop a crunchy and tasty crust on the surface of a dish which remains softer and moister underneath. In both cases (and not only in these) it is a particular series of chemical processes that ensures the desired result, these processes are called the Maillard reaction from the name of the French doctor and chemist who first studied them. Curious fact: the Maillard reaction is cited for its importance in cooking, but the scientist wasn't dealing with that, he was interested in the synthesis of proteins and in a study he investigated the reactions between amino acids (protein constituents) and sugars. Returning to our breading and gratin: what are flour and breadcrumbs? Carbohydrates, i.e. sugars. So what is missing? Proteins, which is why, for example, eggs are often added to breadcrumbs in breadcrumbs and cheese is often added to gratins. Why often and not always? In the case of gratin dishes, if we are gratinating fish or meat, the fats and proteins present in the dish may be enough, in the case of a vegetable gratin the risk of obtaining charred vegetables instead if proteins are not added is high.

Where to use the truffle gratin breading

This breading with a strong flavor could be used above all for gratin vegetable dishes and gratin meats, the pairing of the truffle scent with meat dishes is certainly less common. For example, a dish which, judging by its presence in online shops, is now a classic is the potato gratin with truffles. Preparing the potato gratin at home with a truffle-flavoured breading mix could therefore not be a risky experiment given that the The potato gratin/truffle combination is widely tested in ready meals. In reality, there are many dishes in which at the end of cooking it is used to sprinkle with parmesan and grated truffle. In the case of gratin dishes, especially when fresh truffles are not available, we can certainly quickly remedy this with truffle gratin breading. .


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