A gratin preparation that adds lemon, paprika and turmeric to wheat flour. Lemon flavoring is a common addition to many gratin dishes, just as paprika is to others, but combining them could bring spicy lovers together with those who prefer fresher, more delicate aromas.

What is gratin

Gratin, from the French gratin, is a cooking technique that allows you to obtain a crunchy crust on the surface while the inside of the gratin food does not dry out too much, thus obtaining a pleasant mix for the palate. This is achieved with a high temperature and by sprinkling the food so that a reaction between proteins and carbohydrates takes place on the surface. The chemical reaction that occurs was given the name Maillard reaction after the French chemist who studied the process.

For which recipes to use lemon gratin breading

There are countless recipes for fish (or shellfish) dishes that use a lemon gratin, such as lemon-scented plaice au gratin, lemon-scented sea bream fillets au gratin, scallops lemon gratin and many more. But there is no shortage of recipes in which lemon flour is used on meat, as in the case of lemon chicken scallops. Most of these recipes do not originally include the presence of the spicy element (paprika and turmeric) but why not experiment with an extra touch of pizzazz?

The opposite is true for the addition of paprika among the ingredients of the gratin, we find it above all in dishes of gratin vegetables, such as baked cauliflower gratin or the side dish of gratin vegetables mixed with paprika. In this case the extra ingredient in our preparation would be the lemon peels which could be an addition that makes everything more digestible as well as toning down the spiciness of the dish. Essentially, it should be remembered that especially with regards to gratin vegetable dishes, the recipe books themselves often speak of "spices to taste" to be added to the breadcrumbs to flavor the breading, so it is literally to taste.


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