Dehydrated exotic mix

When we talk about dried fruit we usually refer to walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. in reality, any dehydrated fruit becomes a dry fruit, which can still provide its natural nutrients that are excellent for our body.

Even losing water, vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants and beneficial substances for our diet remain. Let's find out how much these elements are enhanced, in a mix like that of dried exotic fruits!

Dehydrated exotic fruit mix: properties and benefits

From the most exotic lands to the neighboring ones, our dehydrated fruit mix is ​​a concentrate of energy and well-being, thanks to the nutritional substances contained in these fruits.

We have chosen dried grapes, papaya, pineapple, mango, kiwi, coconut, banana and cherries to create a mix of so-called carbohydrate dried fruit, which is beneficial for the body; where vitamins and fibers, antioxidants and precious minerals are mixed.

All these elements are preserved despite the drying process.

In terms of fiber, the dehydrated exotic blend is richer in soluble fiber than fresh fruit, as it loses water. In addition, it concentrates sugars and minerals, and loses a small percentage of vitamins. In this way, a mix of exotic nuts becomes a nutritious snack in a reduced volume.

When we can't consume fresh fruit, the dehydrated fruit turns out to be very practical and also a source of small delicacies, with excellent nutritional value compared to other snacks.

A mix of these fruits adds a good dose of energy to the diet, and ensures certain nutrients for each fruit.Papaya, pineapple and kiwi contain high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, known to promote the beauty of the skin and for the well-being of the immune system. Mango makes bio-available mainly potassium and B vitamins, folate, and vitamin E.

The excellent properties of the mix also come from the banana, and its richness in minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, as well as energetic substances and sugars that help psycho-physical well-being.

In the dehydrated exotic mix, coconut provides selenium, manganese and copper, precious minerals for our vital functions, while cherries are also rich in vitamin C and potassium.

These natural elements that the mix of exotic fruits can give, help our well-being to regulate various body functions, give a sprint of sugars and vitamins, and above all make excellent antioxidants in a single handful - that is substances that delay our cellular aging. A snack with the dehydrated exotic mix does not increase the fats in the diet, provides quality nutrients and helps the body to maintain vitality, concentration, minerals and vitamins useful for well-being and natural defenses.

The advantage of this mix is ​​above all that of finding different fruits in a single package, and thus enhancing their different properties in a combination, favorable to our health.

Origins and History of cultivation

We usually consume fresh fruit, but we know that its nutrients are retained even after the drying process. It is a process that has been known for thousands of years, ever since the fruits were dried in the sun and in the air.

In more recent times, fruits have been dried in a more systematic way and with controlled industrial or artisanal processes, in order to be able to use them and facilitate their transport.

Industrial dehydration can in fact be carried out with different methods, and has developed since the early 1900s, exploiting the basic principles used for centuries. Obviously, to be valid, the technique used must keep its original organoleptic properties intact.

Some exotic fruits, thus, can be dehydrated and preserved, even transported to the other side of the world, to enrich our diet. As is the case with our dehydrated exotic mix, which combines different fruits to enhance their properties.

Dehydrated dried fruit, also called non-oily dried fruit, in fact can be of various origins, and usually the most popular dried fruits are those that ripen only in a few seasons, or that come from exotic places.

Among the dried fruit mixes we often find both local ones such as apples, bananas, apricots, grapes, plums, figs, melon, cherries, as well as exotic and tropical fruits such as coconut, kiwi, pineapple, papaya .

In some cases, foods are called candied fruit, when conservation takes place by immersion in a sugar syrup.

Plant and Fruit

The proposed fruit mix contains different fruits, including dried grapes, papaya, pineapple, mango, kiwi, coconut, banana, cherries. The part of the exotic mix is ​​mainly given by fruits such as papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwi, banana and coconut. These are foods that come from tropical and subtropical climates, and have been common in our diet for about a century, thanks to optimized transport and dehydration processes.

Nutritional values ​​of the dehydrated exotic blend

Being a mixture, this dehydrated fruit includes foods that have different characteristics

Because of this, the sugar content and calorie count can also vary in the exotic mix.

Compared to fresh fruit, dehydrated fruit has a higher sugar content and calories are also higher , while the concentration of other nutrients is enhanced by the elimination of water.

In any case, the individual fruits all contain abundant availability of fibers, vitamins (especially vitamin C), minerals such as potassium, iron, manganese and phosphorus.

How to consume the dehydrated exotic mix in the kitchen or as a snack

This fruit mix can be used in the diet both as a snack between meals, and to add it to other preparations.

You can add a portion of this mix to breakfast or snack cereals, or in the preparation of cakes; you can use it to decorate ice creams, muffins, cupcakes as a top and insert in yogurt or smoothies.

The dehydrated exotic mix is ​​excellent before and after sports training as an energy snack, which does not cause a digestive process and provides vitamins and minerals.

It can also decorate aperitifs or cocktails, with its exotic touch.

Dehydrated exotic mix: side effects and contraindications

There are no particular contraindications to taking this mix, but a possible intolerance or allergy to individual fruits must be considered, which can occur for some fruits such as kiwi and papaya.

As with many dried fruit, there is a high sugar content in the exotic mix, so excessive intake should not be recommended for those suffering from diabetes.

Being rich in fiber , moreover, in large doses this mix could cause a laxative action on the intestine.


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Carboidrati di cui zuccheri
54 g
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Valore energetico (calorie)
428 Kcal
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