Crystallized cane sugar sticks are an original idea to make a party more special or as a gift, but they are also an idea that comes from far away in time.</ p>

How to make crystallized cane sugar sticks

The process of crystallizing sugar was invented in India and Persia and even then wooden sticks or alternatively ropes were used as a surface on which to crystallize the sugar. We start from a solution of sugar and water, the water must be very hot because this allows more sugar to dissolve in it, thus obtaining a supersaturated solution, this is important because when you cool the crystals that will form on the supporting surface will be larger. The process takes several days.

Cane sugar: characteristics

It's just a question of taste, there is no reason to prefer cane sugar and vice versa there is no reason to prefer white beet sugar which does not be it personal taste, the truth is that brown cane sugar, i.e. raw (not whole!) has almost the same chemical characteristics as beet sugar. There is also whole cane sugar, in this case we have a slightly lower caloric value but this derives from a lower concentration of sucrose, therefore it will also have less sweetening power and therefore those who like a certain degree of sweetness will add more.

How to use crystallized candy canes

Crystallized sugar canes can brighten up a party with a touch of color and originality, but they could also be a nice gift. As for their uses, they can be used to mix and sweeten drinks at the same time, if you want you can even not let them melt completely and reuse them, but they can also be used as sweets.

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