In this breading mix, the red potato flakes offer a strong flavor and texture, while the parsley and paprika add aroma and a touch of spiciness.

Gratin and breading: what differentiates them

Gratin and breading are two different but similar food preparation and cooking techniques, above all what matters is that they depend on the same chemical reaction, which is why the breading preparation can be used also for gratinating. Gratin is a cooking technique that leads to the formation of a crunchy crust that covers the dish. Breading notoriously consists of completely coating what is going to be cooked before putting it into cooking. In both cases, the golden, crunchy crust is formed thanks to a series of chemical processes called the Maillard reaction, named after the French doctor and chemist who described them for the first time. It's about the reaction between sugars and proteins. Maillard, to be honest, wasn't involved in cooking but was interested in the synthesis of proteins and described how amino acids (building blocks of proteins) reacted with sugars. What purpose do you need to know this in the kitchen? To understand why before breading, dip the slice in the egg (protein) and then in the breadcrumbs and why in vegetable gratins adding parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs is not only useful for flavor but to avoid the risk of obtaining charred vegetables instead of the succulent crust. However, if you are looking for recipes for fish or meat dishes au gratin you often won't find the addition of cheese, obviously in that case by respecting some precautions in cooking the proteins already present in the dish could be enough to react with the carbohydrates and obtain the desired result.< /p>

Where to use the red potato gratin breading

As we mentioned, the potato, in addition to giving a strong flavor to the breading, makes it particularly consistent, this could make it perfect for any dish in which we want to obtain a crunchy and thick breading, for example red meats. If we think instead about the flavour, that of the potato could enrich vegetable gratins, after all the rule is always the same, a breading with a strong flavor or you use it on a dish "strong" enough to hold it and not be suffocated by it or where There isn't much flavor and it helps to add some.


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