A gratin breading flavored with orange peels will obviously be quite sweet, sweeter than one flavored with lemon, which is why paprika was also included so that the pungent flavor of this balanced the sweetness of the orange.

What is gratin

Gratin is a French word, in Italian it is used as it is or with the Italianized terms gratinare and gratinatura, it is a cooking technique whose aim is to obtain that on the surface of the the dish forms a crunchy crust but remains moister and softer underneath. If the fact that we use the French term means that gratin was invented in France is not certain, what is certain is that it was a French doctor and chemist who observed the chemical processes that explain what happens when the succulent crust is formed and this not only in gratin dishes, but also in the breading of breaded dishes and in many other things in the kitchen. The French chemist was called Louis Camille Maillard and the series of chemical processes described was given the name Maillard reaction. Maillard was not involved in cooking, he was interested in the synthesis of proteins and studied how amino acids (building blocks of proteins) reacted with sugars, but the reaction he discovered is perhaps the most important of those that occur in the kitchen.

Ideas for using orange gratin breading

Orange breading is certainly recommended for white meats and fish in general, but given the sweetness it could also be used to counterbalance the taste of bitter vegetables. Going to specific recipes, you can find several online for fish au gratin with orange (scallops, sea bream fillets, prawns, mussels...) this ready-made breading with orange peels could be perfect for speeding up the steps in making these recipes. But there are also recipes that combine oranges and other vegetables in gratin dishes; using an orange-flavoured breading could add something extra to dishes such as fennel and orange gratin or citrus fruit gratin.


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