A breading preparation that tastes of the forest thanks to the addition of porcini mushrooms to the breadcrumbs. In addition to the intense aftertaste given by the porcini mushrooms, the flavors of this gratin breading are enhanced by strong spices such as pepper.

What is gratin

Everyone knows what breaded food is and what it looks like, it is completely covered in breadcrumbs or flour and then cooked, so it will be completely covered in a crunchy crust. The gratin or, to use the Italian language, a gratin food, is instead a dish (meat, fish and vegetables) that has been cooked in such a way (therefore it is a cooking technique) that a crunchy crust is formed on the surface and a firmer heart is maintained. soft and moist. Gratin is a French word and it will not be surprising that the term comes from there when you learn that it was a French doctor and chemist who studied the processes that underlie it, his name was: Louis Camille Maillard. Please don't mislead us that Maillard invented gratin cooking, the processes studied by Maillard which go by the name of Maillard reaction are the basis not only of gratin but of an innumerable series of preparations of different dishes and scientist wasn't even interested in cooking, he published a study on protein synthesis, that was what he wanted to understand and more precisely his study was on the reaction between amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and sugars. Yes, but what purpose do we need all this chemistry lesson in the kitchen? To know that the chemical compounds that are responsible for many delicious things to eat: the crunchy breading, the tasty crust of the gratin, the brownish crust that encloses the soft white bread, are formed by the reaction between proteins and carbohydrates (which are sugars) , so we will have to have both among the ingredients.

Where to use the porcini mushroom gratin breading

Always assuming that it depends a lot on personal taste, a preparation for gratin breading so rich in strong flavors and also spicy in our opinion would seem very suitable for gratin dishes in which the raw material does not it is particularly tasty in itself, like vegetable gratins for example. Or a fish gratin, especially in the case of fish whose meat is not particularly tasty, such as cod. This does not mean that you could try to experiment and combine this symphony of flavors with savory meat gratins.


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