A preparation for fillings and gratins which adds a touch of exoticism inspired by Mexico, with paprika and chilli pepper, to the classic ingredients of Italian breadcrumbs based on breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley.</ p>

How to obtain gratin

Gratin, a word of French origin, now adopted in the Italian language to the point of giving rise to the words: gratinare and gratinatura. But, what's it about? The crust that we purposely put on the surface of some foods during cooking. There is real science behind what happens in the oven when that appetizing crust forms in the kitchen without burning the food, so much so that the process interested a French chemist named Maillard who studied that reaction between proteins and sugars which was then given the Maillard reaction name. So if you gratinate meat or fish, in reality all you would need is to add the breadcrumbs (you already have the proteins and add carbohydrates, i.e. sugars) and possibly whatever is needed to flavor it, with other foods such as vegetables or perhaps baked pasta, obviously these are the proteins or fats that are missing, so if you don't want to get something charred instead of the delicious crust you will have to add them (typically cheese, but a thin layer of olive oil can also be enough).

Where to use spicy Mexican gratin breading

In reality the most famous Mexican dishes do not include the use of breadcrumbs, even if no one forbids making an Italianized version of them, and in the tradition of southern Italian cuisine there is certainly no lack of use of chili pepper. So where could we use this breading? The first use that comes to mind is in an appetizing variant of one of the simplest and most loved dishes by those who love spicy food, pasta with garlic, oil and chilli pepper. There are many variations of the recipe that enrich it by adding breadcrumbs. The simplest version of this recipe adds breadcrumbs and parsley to the three basic ingredients, in the spicy Mexican gratin breading mix we also find tomato granules and paprika. Another possible use could be for a quick variant of pasta with anchovies (typical Sicilian recipe) in this case the basic recipe only involves dissolving the anchovies in the oil and then seasoning the pasta with them, but there are also richer variants such as that which adds toasted breadcrumbs and optionally chilli pepper. But in reality you will find many recipes for first courses online which essentially involve first preparing a basic sauté with oil, chilli pepper and often parsley, then removing the garlic and chilli pepper (which become bitter if they burn) and then adding other ingredients between including the breadcrumbs, if you don't have time or desire for these preparations you can simply use the spicy Mexican gratin breading.


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