Mandarin essential oil has analgesic and relaxing, disinfectant and digestive properties. We could define it as a soft version of lemon oil and for this reason it is also considered suitable for pregnant women and children.

The plant and the production of essential oil

Citrus reticulata is a fruit tree of the Rutaceae family. It is one of the three original citrus fruits (the other two are the pomelo and the citron) which means that all the others are the result of hybridizations carried out by man. The mandarin is a small tree, usually a shrub of a couple of metres, but can even reach 4. Notoriously, the fruit is roughly spherical in shape, the essential oil of mandarin is obtained from the peel that detaches easily . A golden yellow liquid. The methods used are the usual steam distillation used for all essential oils or cold pressing which is an alternative method typically used for citrus fruits.

Properties of mandarin essential oil for food use

The anti-stress and calming properties have also been officially recognized by the Ministry of Health, the antiseptic properties are common (to varying degrees) to practically all essential oils, in particular those derived from citrus fruits, obviously in this respect the more aggressive lemon essential oil could be more effective. However, the antiseptic properties are good enough to make mandarin essential oil a remedy for skin problems such as acne as well. Other properties attributed to mandarin essential oil concern the digestive system on which it would perform an antispasmodic and digestion facilitating action.

Internal use of mandarin essential oil

As regards internal use, even if you use an essential oil suitable for food use as in the case of this product (obviously never use for internal use a product not authorized for that purpose) we always recommend that you do so only on the advice of your doctor or other qualified professional. Both the relaxing and the adjuvant function of the digestive system can also be obtained with other methods of fruition, but obviously the internal use will be more effective, in principle very few drops in a teaspoon of honey or on a sugar cube are the recommended doses.

External use of mandarin essential oil

With its use in aromatherapy, relaxing effects can already be obtained, through inhalation, for example by performing a massage on the chest (obviously with a few drops added to a carrier oil or a cream, not with absolute essential oil) the symptoms of respiratory diseases can also be relieved. Another important application is as a draining thanks to the action on the circulation, useful for fighting cellulite and preventing stretch marks. These latter properties are also attributed to lemon essential oil, but that is not recommended during pregnancy, instead as we have said, the more delicate mandarin essential oil is considered safe to use even during pregnancy and stretch marks and retention are notoriously common drawbacks during pregnancy. pregnancy. A final warning, the possibility that mandarin essential oil is also phototoxic, like lemon oil, has not been proven but is considered possible if not probable, therefore avoiding direct exposure to sunlight immediately after application would advisable (better safe than sorry to put it in English).


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