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Multiple properties are attributed to lemon essential oil, in particular it is a powerful antiseptic and has purifying properties, it is therefore recommended both for skin care and, in the case of recognized as a food supplement, to regulate the intestines.

The plant and the production of essential oil

Citrus limon is a fruit tree belonging to the Rutaceae family, it is common opinion (based on genetic studies) that it is a hybrid, probably obtained by crossing the orange bitter and citron. It is probably native to China, but already in 700 AD. it was widespread in Persia, Iraq and Egypt, in fact the word lemon would derive from a Persian term which is pronounced limù and which indicates citrus fruits in general. It is a tree that usually grows from 3 to 6 meters, with white flowers and yellow fruits. In favorable climatic conditions, the plant bears fruit twice a year. The essential oil can be obtained with the usual steam distillation system but also by pressing and solvent extraction. Properties of lemon essential oil All essential oils have disinfectant properties to some extent but those of lemon essential oil are particularly strong. Other recognized properties are toning and invigorating. Finally, the purifying properties through the stimulation of liver and pancreas activity.

Internal use of lemon essential oil

The suggested internal uses are different, essentially they refer to the antiseptic and purifying capacities. As for the second few drops of lemon essential oil, they have digestive properties and can help eliminate abdominal swelling (do-it-yourself is prohibited for doses, especially for internal use). Internal use in the form of rinses and gargles is instead recommended for canker sores, gingivitis, stomatitis which would find resolution more quickly thanks to the high disinfectant power (expect it to be not pleasant, but we know that the pitiful doctor ...).

External use of lemon essential oil

Use in aromatherapy is inevitable, lemon essential oil in this case would exhibit the invigorating properties we have mentioned, proving useful in combating stress and promoting the ability to concentrate. Another external use is the cosmetic one, the invigorating and circulation-promoting properties make it useful for fighting cellulite but also tiredness, obviously also in this case we are talking about a few drops diluted in a carrier oil. By promoting cell regeneration, lemon essential oil would also be indicated to fight pimples, acne and other skin conditions and would promote healing. However, be careful with regard to all these cosmetic uses there is a very important rule to remember: normally lemon essential oil is non-toxic (except for predisposed subjects) but never expose yourself to the sun (or tanning lamps) after application , in fact, lemon essential oil is phototoxic, which means that in this case it can irritate the skin and cause the appearance of new spots. In conclusion, all essential oils are attributed multiple properties and therefore multiple uses are suggested that overlap with those attributed to the others, as far as lemon essential oil is concerned, the one in which it excels and probably beats the "competition" is the antimicrobial one .


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