Eucalyptus oil is a concentrate of the well-known balsamic properties for which the plant native to Australia is appreciated, for example for the production of balsamic candies.

The plant and the production of essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from the leaves and young branches of a tree native to Australia, the Eucalyptus globulus belonging to the Myrtaceae family. It is an evergreen tree which in its places of origin reaches impressive dimensions, usually between 40 and 55 metres, but can even reach 70/80 metres. In Italy the development is more contained, it does not exceed 25 meters. The flowers in the adult plants are showy white globes, the quite large leaves, of a deep green color and a leathery consistency, give off a strong smell (even more if crumpled) due to the abundant presence of essential oil. Also in this case, the procedure normally used is that of distillation in a steam current.

Properties of eucalyptus essential oil

As anticipated, the universally recognized property is the balsamic one which makes it a precious adjuvant in the defense against the symptoms of winter ailments. Native Australians historically considered it a remedy for everything, using it as a remedy for malaria fever and as a wound disinfectant. Today in aromatherapy it is attributed the ability to awaken attention thanks to its invigorating properties.

Internal use of eucalyptus essential oil

With internal use, the capacity of eucalyptus oil as a remedy for sore throats and other typical symptoms of winter respiratory ailments is maximized. As always, remember that since essential oils are very concentrated, internal use in particular must be carried out strictly following the doses, possibly indicated by an expert. Furthermore, it is necessary to add the warning (also valid for external use, but obviously even more essential when it comes to internal use) that the essential oil of eucalyptus is not recommended in asthmatic patients and in those suffering from epilepsy, this because the powerful balsamic abilities so useful for all others in these patients can cause bronchospasms.

External use of eucalyptus essential oil

The expectorant properties and efficacy in clearing the airways can also be obtained with external uses ranging from use in aromatherapy, suffumiges, chest massages (never with absolute essential oil, always a matter of adding a few drops in a cream or oil). Obviously the use in aromatherapy is useful for disinfecting the environment and slightly irritated respiratory tracts, but if you want to obtain benefits on ongoing ailments, you will resort to more "close" uses. There are also other uses of eucalyptus essential oil, a massage of the temples with an oil (for example sweet almond oil) in which a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil have been poured would be a remedy for headaches ... perhaps for ability to stimulate circulation? Surely this ability is the reason why eucalyptus essential oil is used in products to fight cellulite. But the uses in cosmetics and pharmacy are innumerable and not from today, in the past it was used as a disinfectant in English hospitals, as well as against cellulite it can prevent acne and pimples, furthermore the toning properties also make it a good remedy for tiredness of the legs. Another possible use is for a homemade deodorant, the essential oil of eucalyptus has the ability to keep away the bacteria that lurk in the armpit (must we repeat that also in this case it would be drops to add in the preparation? Any 100% pure essential oil in contact with the skin can cause burns).


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