Bangkok green curry: properties and benefits:

Often considered a spice, curry is actually a mixture of spices particularly widespread in the Middle East, especially in India and Thailand. If the Indian cuisine is dominated by the color and hint of saffron of the yellow curry, the Thai one boasts numerous recipes flavored by the "fiery" red curry and by the fragrant green curry, less known in the western world, as tasty as it is delicious.
Commercially available in paste or powder form, this preparation obviously stands out for its green color, as it is easy to guess, by the high percentage of green chilli pepper that composes it.

A very singular feature of this type of curry is the particular hint of lemon due to the use of lemongrass stalks and grated lime peel for its preparation. The recipe also provides for the use of coriander, shallot, pepper, garlic and ginger and there are many chefs who add dill, cumin, turmeric or parsley. The dressing that is obtained is not very spicy and highly fragrant, with herbaceous and vegetal hints. It is highly appreciated in the Bangkok area and is often used to prepare recipes based on vegetables or fish.

Origins and hints of history:

These aromatic pastas differ in their notes, aromas and the degree of spiciness, the secret lies in the combination of fresh herbs and spices. The most famous are the red, yellow and green curry: red, contrary to what one might think, is the most delicate, followed by yellow and finally the very powerful green curry.


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