Carolina Reaper: properties and benefits:

Carolina Reaper is the name of the chili pepper which in November 2013 earned the title of spiciest chili in the world. In a very short time and by word of mouth, the Carolina reaper chilli arrived in the laboratories of Winthrop University where it was analyzed and officially reaches an average of 1,569,000 on the Scoville scale, on November 14 2013 it officially became the spiciest chilli in the world thus entering the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, surpassing the well-known record holder Trinidad Moruga Scorpion with an average of 1,400,000 on the Scoville scale.

Origins and history:

The Carolina Reaper is the result of two favorite varieties made to pollinate obtaining this new species, also known initially with the name HP22B without even realizing the grower Ed Currie, what he managed to create, until accidentally in 2011 a reporter from a national radio station accidentally ate a piece of it and was shocked by its very extreme spiciness, defining the aftertaste almost like a real physical pain, failing to quantify the degree of spiciness, he dedicated a service to him.


Data sheet

Piccante estremo
Scala di Scoville 2023
2.000.000 - 2.200.000
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