Sumac: properties and benefits:

Sumac spice is usually found in dried and powdered form and is used in numerous recipes of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, often used as a substitute for lemon or vinegar. The common sumac is edible and rich in beneficial properties that we will elaborate on later.
Its name, sumac in fact, derives from the old French word which means red, color of its fruits. The cream-colored spice that is commonly used, however, is nothing more than the product of these red fruits, dried and ground, often mixed with salt. Compared to the "therapeutic" fruit par excellence - the apple - Sumac contains 80 times more antioxidants. The reason for such a benefit would be due to the presence of anthocyanidin which is found here in a very high percentage: ten percent.

Sumac has been used for centuries to fight pathogenic bacteria, inflammations, fever and gastrointestinal problems. But not only. scientific studies seem to indicate it as a valuable component to reduce blood sugar, control diabetes, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Sumac is rich in B vitamins, organic acids (malic, oleic, stearic and linoleic). But also mineral salts such as magnesium, calcium, iron, copper and zinc.


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