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Ground yellow mustard: properties, benefits:

Mustard is also part of the plants that have beneficial properties and that can be used as natural remedies. Among the first to discover the beneficial properties of mustard were the Egyptians who considered it a good digestive. In the Middle Ages it was widely consumed by the poorest population, since mustard was an accessible spice.

It has many properties among which, antioxidant, digestive, stimulates blood circulation, laxative, ideal for constipation problems, stimulates blood circulation, rubefacient or relieves pain due to rheumatism, neuralgia and muscle pain; It goes divinely with beer, cold and boiled meats, vegetables such as cauliflower, sauerkraut and cabbage. But also with fish, sausages and pickles. Spicy sauces are also made, in combination with canapés and dog sandwiches such as hamburgers and hot dogs.


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